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POTM Winners - June 2018

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We have fully launched and revamped Potm event, and after a whole month we have now concluded this month event.

With many entries and loads of amazing Gfx I am glad to announce this months winners. 

Gfx is also a BIG part of Dreamscape, and for that we host a Picture of the month event specifically for those that create Gfx.

Hopefully the event continues to grow and become bigger with in the community.

I would like to thank all of you for entering this amazing event!

There were many amazing and complex entries from everyone and after closely evaluating each Gfx picture here are the results.


Taking home the 1st Place prize of ldaG8hb.png and the award of hpoo7Gd.gifPOTM Winner


Pepidog joined Dreamscape June 18th, 2018. Since then has shared his Gfx with the community.

With a bright future ahead of him I hope to see more of his Gfx. Congratulations Pepidog, Hope to see more.









Receiving the 2nd Place prize of HnjdUiH.png 


Tman786 join Dreamscape January 30th. He is SOMEWHAT active in the Gfx community.

However always delivers good content. Definitely want to see more from you Tman786.








Receiving the 3rd Place prize of9RGm0pZ.png


ChilladinYT joined Dreamscape in December 2014.

Being a veteran in the community he is also a very good Gfx artist. Always active on forums and showcasing his Gfx to the community.

He is commonly known as the forum moderator but secretly hides his skill!













Congratulations to the winning members.

Remember if you would like start your Dreamscape Gfx but not sure how you can always pm me @MonoBeast.

I offer free Gfx software that you can use, as well as 1 on 1 teachings. I hope that the Potm continues to grow, and improve throughout the following months!


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