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From zero to arcade hero: get a fresh account arcade ready in 2-4 hours

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This is a short guide for beginners looking to make consistent money. A lot of people from the help cc ask about how to make money, or they are just overwhelmed by the eco when they first start because they aren't sure how it works. This guide will work for normal and hardcore accounts, with normal accounts taking about 2 hours to get arcade ready and hardcore accounts 4 hours or so. I've tested both and these were the numbers I came up with. They consider rather short selling times (which may not be the case always) and a high amount of focus. This is how I envisioned I would start if I were to start clean in DS.


If you see a glaring problem with this guide or think there is a much better way, I would not be surprised and I would love to hear it/add it. Seriously, this is meant to help new players so if there is a better way help them out.


1. Make your account. Watch the tutorial if it is your first time.


2. First goal: affording flame torva, flame pernix, drygore offhand (u), a royal sicle (u), an inga sword, and a glock. This will take roughly 500b.


To accomplish this, you can either thieve for about an hour (which is fine if you plan to get 99 anyways), or you can take the easy way out like me and use ::vote.

The vote book you get from ::vote will sell at ::market for 1-2 trillion gold, which will more than fund your starter gear. I highly recommend you do this (especially on hardcore), it will literally save you about an hour of your time.


Whichever method you choose, use your gold to buy full flame torva (flame torva body, legs, and helm), a drygore offhand (u), a royal sicle (u), a glock (or an AR if you can afford it), and an inga sword. All of these can be bought from the market.


3. Second goal: level your combat stats to 99.

Talk to duradel at ::home, and see if you are lucky enough to get a penguins task as your first task. If not, thats alright, you can do slayer later.

Gather your gear and go to ::mbox

Kill penguins to level your combat stats and pick up bones that drop for you as well as the bones scattered around that people leave. You will need quite a lot of bones to reach 95 prayer.

Order doesn't matter, just know that melee and mage will be leveling up very quickly compared to range if you cannot afford an AR and use a glock instead. If you wish, you can even put off range until you get more money.

Get a fury or from squeal of fortune, or buy one for 1b at ::market.


4. Farm for ~6t in mboxes/clues/misc items

with your royal sicle in hand, exterminate penguins to get mystery boxes, clues, and bones. You will need to collect a lot of bones to get 92-95 prayer and on hardcore accounts you will probably decide to buy bones off the market because you wont have 92-95 prayer by the time you make 6t.

Make sure to save a pair of vanguard boots and gloves for use in the arcade.



5. Become an arcade god

With your newly acquired riches, head to ::market and buy an ascension crossbow set, archer's ring (i), and white glass wings. At the time this guide was written, this could all be bought for about 5-6t. These will take you to wave 15 or so in the arcade, but from experience it is best to just leave around wave 10 and restart for efficiency. This should be your gear at the end of 2-4 hours:



Flame pernix cowl

Flame pernix body

Flame pernix legs

Ascension crossbow and ascension crossbow offhand

vanguard boots + gloves

archer's ring (i)

white glass wings

fury (or)


Keep in mind, this guide is meant to get you to start farming arcade. I believe it is the best consistent money for new players and scales incredibly well with wealth (runs get more efficient the more gear you have to a point). For more arcade information, check 



If you have any questions, you can pm me in game or join the help cc. I am in there a lot.

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I love the guide man, great work.


I'd like to see more guides from you, although it could be longer like you said "it's short" but it was good.

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