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Official YouTuber Rewards System

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!Welcome fellow YouTubers!

I am happy to introduce to you our YouTuber Rewards systems! Here you will see the rewards that you can obtain from making videos!

We take pride in our YouTubers and appriciate everything you do to promote the server. Not only can you now gain rewards but you can also push to become an Official YouTuber for Dreamscape!


Here's how it works:

You Gain YouTuber points for posting Dreamscape related video's on YouTube!

You are rewarded 1 YouTuber point in-game for 1 view via YouTube.

For example: 4400 Views means you receive 4400 YouTuber points!

50 Views = 50  points, 100 Views = 100  points etc.

The views count of your video(s) is updated automatically every hour.

If you have claimed 400 points but the next day your video receives 200 more views, this means you can claim points again!

You can claim the points in-game using the command "::claimyoutube"

The title of your video MUST include "Dreamscape" and your description MUST have a link to ""

**** (MAKE SURE LINK STARTS WITH "https://) ****




Below are the rewards you can obtain and amount of points it will cost to buy said item with in shop.


      Super Mystery Box- 500 points
   Invictus Box- 500 Points
    Quadron Box- 500 Points
      Golden Scratch Card- 500 Points
   Rare Scratch Card- 500 Points

    Pet Box- 600 Points

    Youtube Pet - 22435 - 4000 points
       Youtube Chain - 22437 - 3000 points
     Youtube Icon - 22436 - 5000 points
       Youtube top hat - 4056 - 1500 points
   Youtube Cape -1502 - 1500 points
       Youtube Banner - 4062 - 4000 points
             Youtube Torva Helm - 4068 - 1000 points
             Youtube Torva Body - 4069 - 1000 points
         Youtube Torva Legs 4067 - 1000 point


          There are no limits to what you can achieve and gain! If you have any questions please pm me

"MonoBeast#8150" via discord for fastest response.

          If you are interested in applying for YouTuber and meet the requirements > Click Here <

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