Drax's Birthday Event

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OH WAIT... who gives a fat f@$k hahahahaha



I don't really celebrate birthdays, but any excuse to have massive events and giveaways on Dreamscape sounds like fun to me!




Save the date!

20th June 2018




Live Stream Competition

I'm going to be doing events all day, including a 2 hour stream where I will be giving away more then I ever have (past giveaways include: GMG, MG and 10q Cash)


In Game Competitions

There will also be in game events, type challenges and more!!


Meme Competition

Starting today you can enter Drax's Meme competition!

Simply make a Drax related meme and post it as a reply to this thread to be eligible to win.

I will chose the ones that either make laugh or cry the most.

Winner gets 1 quad cash, runner up prizes of 250t are available too!


#TeamDrax Competition

Also anyone who messages Jordan on the 20th June with the message

'You suck! #TeamDrax'

Then messages me with a screenshot to Drax#1111 on discord wins a goodie bag pick!



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