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Dreamscapes Snapchat

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So as many of you know, we've launched our Dreamscape SNAPCHAT!

Our Snapchat is a brand new innovative way for you to communicate with other players, staff members and other people who decide to add it!


So why should I add you guys?

We host daily events only available to those in Snapchat, sneak peeks at upcoming updates, random polls and facts and more that we cant disclose just yet.
Plus, we'll be doing DAILY MEMES just for you! And I promise they'll be dank cause they're made by yours truly ;)
What communicating methods do you have?
We have many different methods that players can communicate with staff members and other players.
For starters, you can message the account directly and you'll get a response from either me or any other staff member who is on the account at that time.
Also, we have many different groups that you can be placed into to communicate with the players inside that set group! This will be status and rank exclusive meaning if you are a sponsor, you'll be able to join the sponsor group.
Some of the groups that we have currently

We're planning to make more groups also! So if you have any more suggestions for possible groups, send me a message through Snapchat or in game ;)


If you wish to join one of these groups, add the Snapchat account and message it "I want to join (Group name)" and send me evidence of you having that specific rank. Shortly after you'll be added to the group if there's enough spaces left in there.


So how do I add you guys?

Our Snapchat name is called "DsGangMedia" anyone can add this account and anyone will be accepted by the account!

^ You can scan this to add the account without typing the name in.



Rules of Snapchat

1. No Hard Drug References

2. No Hard Racism such as intentional

3. No harassment of any sort in the groups.

4. Most importantly.. NO NUDES, yes I'm looking at you Hcwho and Jmart

5. Just have fun and be yourself :D


Hope to see you guys soon!





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The community interaction is on a whole new level now... :O Awesome idea, love to see the #DSGANG interacting through other means of media platforms :)

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