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Quick Bug Patch + Ultra Mystery Box [Patch #94 - 05/06/18]

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Today we have done a quick mid-week patch to fix a number of player reported bugs.


- We’ve fixed agro issues with barrel chest
- We’ve fixed the issues with first waves of arcade not attacking you
- We’ve fixed the issues with the oblivion dragon being able to be attacked without doing any damage and being non-aggressive
- We’ve added slayer tasks to the quest tab so you can see what task you have anywhere in the world
- We’ve fixed the issue with the KBD and Callisto teleport to task options
- We’ve fixed the issue with donator ‘anywhere task’ option with our new slayer system
- We’ve added a configure option on the Trix I amulet, to make it more functional
- We’ve fixed issues with the slayer system thinking you have a task already when you don’t
- We’ve fixed the issue with the seers horn donation
- We’ve fixed some major lags issues with our new Client User Interface
- We’ve fixed some bugs with Zodiac’s Zone
- We’ve fixed the owner cape slayer prestige damage issues, meaning that your 1 hit will come before your slayer prestige hit

- We've fixed the updating of the quest tab

- We've added super points to the quest tab (from super donator dungeon)
- We’ve fixed magic weapons in the world boss
- We’ve fixed world boss and mega world bosses spawning in the same instances
- We’ve fixed the issues with players not getting a reward from world boss despite placing
- We’ve fixed dc issues with world boss and mega world boss portals
- We’ve made the Infinity Gauntlets Tradable!
- We’ve fixed the item names of the Helicopter and Gumby Pets
- We’ve fixed a bug with the mystic boxing gloves noting

- We've made the world boss message stand out more!




And something a little special for you!





With a sliding interface spin wheel






To see the full loot list checkout ::deals in game




Will you get your hands on the new Limited Edition:


Inferno PartyHat







Part Two!




- We’ve fixed the issue with the Ultra Mystery Box!

- We've fixed a bug with using the ::avengers in jail and the wilderness

- We've fixed the issue with the noting items bug




And something a little extra!

We've been working with an amazing animator Dust R.I.P. who has created fully custom animations for our 2 new weapons.







And of course... sponsors can now dab on the haters with ::dab command






And finally...

We listened to you!



We've added 5 levels of ::box meaning you will never have to fight for a spot to kill penguins ever again!




Click the portal in the centre to go up and down the levels





The Event Box!

We've added a new box as a reward from our events!

These contain lots of other boxes and some extra special legendary and dream rewards!

Including Minigun's, Golden Minigun's, Oblivion Scythes, Extreme donator tickets and more juicy loot!



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