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Staff Vs. Community PVM Suggestion

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Staff vs. Player PVM

I brought up this idea during Drax's stream today (6/3/2018).  I asked if there was a possibility if we could get more staff interactions with the players. To actually have staff playing and pvming with the community.  Drax said he has a similar idea. He said he would like to have a player vs staff pvming competition. It would be like a race to a certain about of cash base on drops. Also, if the community wins they can win an additional 5% drop rate for a certain period. An issue with this idea is that most of the time the staff are busy helping out the community, which is a disadvantage. Therefore, I would like to hear your guys ideas and solutions to improve on this suggestion so that we can make this happen.

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Tbh if you got soulsplit and a fast hitting weapon you're good to kill anything and answer questions at the same time.

They cud also just pvm on an alt for in case they would need to teleport to a player to help out.



Would be dope to see a raids event off staff vs players 

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