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Dear Dreamscape Community,

We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format.

In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member to best pvm'er.


This month we saw a record number of responses!!









4R3RwgP.gif Most Kind 4R3RwgP.gif

@YOda Is here


Runner ups: @MarkDS and @Michigan




ouQeCCH.gif  Best Dicer  ouQeCCH.gif

@Lil Bowwow


Runner ups: @Jordan RSPS



8FFSoY4.png Best PVM'er 8FFSoY4.png

@hc b0wer


runner up: @Lil Bowwow




eAdhQMj.png?1 Best GFX-Designer eAdhQMj.png?1

@Nova Bomb


Runner up: @MonoBeast




4Xyw6qK.png  Best Youtuber 4Xyw6qK.png 



runner ups: @Jordan RSPS and @Lil Bowwow




4Xyw6qK.png  Best Livestreamer 4Xyw6qK.png 



Runner ups: @Lil Bowwow and @Jordan RSPS



5Vma9PS.png Best Newcomer 5Vma9PS.png



Runner ups: 7 way tie



TtMCZUu.gifMost Respected Non-Staff Member TtMCZUu.gif

4 way tie

@Jordan RSPS 






 gjTil9Q.png?1Most Active on Discord gjTil9Q.png?1



 ZQAixL0.png Best Ironman ZQAixL0.png
@Lil Bowwow

Runner up



thumb.png  Most Potential Shown  thumb.png

@Nova Bomb 


runner up @YOda Is here



bal.png  Best Event Host bal.png



Runner up: @Listy420


77HvcZx.png  Most Respected Trusted Host  77HvcZx.png


runner up @Ethereum



SriVdUY.gif Best Helper SriVdUY.gif

@YOda Is here


khTY6Rb.giffTkZF2h.gifID5sbAg.gif Best Moderator (Including Forums) ID5sbAg.giffTkZF2h.gifkhTY6Rb.gif

@hc bob


UUiFnP8.gifjliW8zW.gifT2gZbYt.gifBest Administrator (Including ForumsT2gZbYt.gifjliW8zW.gifUUiFnP8.gif



9aEeedt.gif Most Respected Staff Member 9aEeedt.gif



SriVdUY.giffTkZF2h.gifjliW8zW.gifMost Active In-gamejliW8zW.giffTkZF2h.gifSriVdUY.gif



ID5sbAg.gifT2gZbYt.gifMost Active ForumsT2gZbYt.gifID5sbAg.gif



khTY6Rb.gifUUiFnP8.gifMost Active OverallUUiFnP8.gifkhTY6Rb.gif


fFSrBhC.gif Best Staff Member fFSrBhC.gif





Massive shout out to @hc bob for winning Best Moderator by a land slide





And these 3 lucky fella's down below also won another 500T on it!

[We decided to use a random number generator and these 3 lucky players won 500t!]


#1  - D S G A N G


#2 - Yung Turtle


#3 - Pictures


I want to thank you all very much! It's always a blast that people participate in this awesome event.

And it's also a huge boost towards the people who made it on this month's list!



*For all that voted please contact @Bellatrix in game to collect your 100t for submitting your vote)*

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Man, I just want to take this time out to thank not only God, but Jesus. As you all can tell, it wasn't easy getting all those votes, and the competition was tight, but I came out on top. That pie chart proves it all. HAHAHHAHA. That is hilarious. Jokes aside, all rewards are well deserved and congratulations to everybody :)

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