Avengers Raid! World bosses! Slayer Revamp! New Asiimov Weapons and more! [Patch #93 - 01/06/18]

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It is time for dreamscape's biggest combat release ever!


Type ::avengers to access a brand new, interlinked raid with multiple bosses scattered in instanced locations to be taken down by teams!

Featuring all of your favourite characters, like Captain America, Spiderman and the Hulk, each boss has its own separate combat dynamic and special attacks!






Once you have defeated the avengers, the survivors have a chance to take on Ultron and Thanos at once!

Billed by our developers as 'one of the most unique combat systems ever released on dreamscape' these final bosses, can only be taken down if the team works together. Thanos has over 6 different special attack phases and Ultron is an incredibly fast hitting OP menace! Furthermore, the closer they stand together, the stronger they become!






Should you complete the raid, you are rewarded with a treasure trove of new items as well as Avengers points which can be spent in the Avengers store!













We have maximised the functionality of the client with numerous new features!

Side Bar with loads of new features




The most functional client of any RSPS!

Featuring OS-Buddy style interaction and tools




Player Owned Shop Search

Search the Player Owned Shops anywhere in DS!




Wiki Search




Xp Tracker





Watch a Guide here:








We listened to you!




Every 2 hours a new world boss will spawn around the map!


You will have to race to find it and kill it with the required weapon!


Enraged World Bosses


Enraged Necromancer    Enraged Chaos Elemental           Enraged Phoenix      Enraged Shadow King          Enraged Magegray




Find the portal around the map and teleport in to fight the world boss




If you do enough damage to be in the top 5 you will be rewarded!



You either obtain the World Box or the World Key which you can open to gain some EPIC loot!










MEGA World Boss

The MEGA world boss spawns every 12 hours!








Just like the world boss this boss spawns at a random location and must be killed with a specific weapon!

Should be fast enough to take it down you will see much greater rewards!




Seer's Horn

We have added the seer's horn which can be used to locate the world boss and mega world boss and give you a huge advantage!

This will also give you the option to teleport directly to the world boss and get a head start on other players!

You can buy the seer's horn from the donation store!








AK-47 and AWP Asiimov!

2 new outstanding custom weapons with fully custom animations!


Ak-47 Asiimov

With OP AOE range stats allowing you to hit multiple targets at once

Available from the donation store




AWP Asiimov

Super Accurate and High hitting sniper rifle!

Available from the donation store







We have completely re-worked the way slayer works on Dreamscape, to make it more challenging and more rewarding. As well as adding a bunch of new features to make it more user friendly!


Task Assignment:

You now gain tasks rather then swapping task when you prestige.

This means that level 3 prestige players will not get back to back raid tasks.

This also means that you will be occasionally assigned easier tasks for easy slayer points!


Task List:

To improve user friendliness, we have added an option to the slayer task slave, for you to be able to see all of the tasks you can be assigned. Ranked in difficulty:


Difficulty 0 - lvl 1-95 slayer (no prestige)

Difficulty 1 - lvl 95-99 slayer (no prestige)
Difficulty 2 -Prestige 1
Difficulty 3 -Prestige 2
Difficulty 4 - Prestige 3

Difficulty 5 - lvl 120-150 slayer (level 3 prestige)


Task Statistics:

You can now get statistics on your current slayer task by talking to the slayer task slave at home




Slayer Statistics:

You can now get statistics on your slayer progress by talking to the slayer task slave at home





Skip Tasks

You can now skip the task you are on! We have removed the command ::reset task and this is now all done through the slayer task slave (costs 100 slayer points)






Avoid Tasks:


We listened to you:



You can now avoid the task you are on! This means that you will never be assigned it again! This is now all done through the slayer task slave (costs 300 slayer points). You can check out the tasks on your avoid list by talking to the slayer task slave.




You can have a maximum of 3 tasks on your avoid list, and can remove the currently avoided tasks and put your currently assigned task as well!





Teleport to Tasks:

You can now teleport directly to your slayer task by right clicking the slayer task slave and clicking teleport!




Skull pet:


We listened to you:



We have added the skull pet to the slayer shop! You can now purchase the skull pet for 10,000 points! An investment that will allow you to gain x2 slayer points in future!





Back to Back Tasks:


We listened to you:





You will now be rewarded for doing back to back tasks without skipping a task!

1 - 5 tasks in a row = normal points

6-10 tasks in a row = +2 bonus points

11-15 tasks in a row = +4 bonus points

16-20 tasks in a row = +6 bonus points

21-25 tasks in a row = +8 bonus points

26+ tasks in a row = +10 bonus points





Animated Textures!

We have animated textures in the inventory!

Meaning our textured items will be fully animated when in your inventory as well as when wearing them!





Mystery Box Fully Revamped!


Mystery boxes have been fully revamped and are jam packed with new juicy loot for new players and experienced players alike!




This should allow new players to get a better start in the game!

Checkout ::mbox to get your hands on these new juicy boxes!






Arcade Rewards


We listened to you:



We've added new items to the arcade rewards shop!

You can get your hands on new pets as well as exchanging your tokens for bil tickets.






Ownercape Shop


We have updated the Ownercape Shop giving owner cape users even more juicy loot to spend their owner cape points on!






We've buffed the crystal set!

It was already the best in slot set, but the stats on this magic set are now insane!






We have revamped the trivia


Trivia is now up to date and jam packed with new questions for you to show off your Dreamscape knowledge




Warfare Box!


We've added the warfare box to the box rewards tab on ::deals so you can see the loot you can get from the warfare box!






Hulk Ring

Become the Hulk with this insane reward from the Avengers Minigame




Infinity Gauntlet

Insanely powerful magic AOE weapon!










Spiderman Suit

Available from avengers raid and avengers shop!






Captain America Suit

Available from avengers raid and avengers shop!




Ak-47 Asiimov

With OP AOE range stats allowing you to hit multiple targets at once

Available from the donation store



AWP Asiimov

Super Accurate and High hitting sniper rifle!

Available from the donation store


Eternal Judgement

Custom Donation






- We've fixed the chat head for the slayer task slave!

- We have fixed the loyalty point command

- We've made sure that progress on the Well of Good Will to save on server restart or update


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Absolutely insane updates, can’t wait to grind out some ds when I’m off work & back from the gym :)

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AWESOME updates, I can't wait to try everything out and see what all we get. 


Thanks to the suggestions and Developers they made it happen. 

Great Job Guys.!!!!!

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6 hours ago, Hc chong said:

I see the eco will flourish with those world bosses *_* great job, cant wait to see what youll bring us next ;)


Please try it out and let me know if you feel the same way! Trust me it' balanced! I feel this comment was made before you even saw the world boss in game or opened a single box yourself! Looking forward to hearing your feedback!!



4 hours ago, Daijiru said:

Epic update really. But there are a few things that could be changed.


Thanks for the feedback my dude! Awesome you have 'a few things that could be changed' in the words of the Doge... such specific, much detail! hahah jokes aside, I am very interested in hearing a full breakdown of your proposed changes in the suggestions section of this here forums! 



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@DRAX you might have misunderstood my comment bruh XD i was meaning in a way that the world bosses weapon requirement will make eco flowing nicely on items not much wanted anymore like elder wands and such



Still waiting on your gambling with jordans vid btw XD

Edited by Hc chong
Side joke to drax

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