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2nd week - other thoughts

What should we discuss next ?  

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  1. 1. Make your option !

    • New giveaway - Simon Says-
    • Making teams -Pvm / recruitment / staff / forum team-
    • Double points weekend

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Hello Bobsplan members and @hc bob

Another week has passed, so more ideas shall be chosen... These were the ones that really caught my eyes !


If you guys could leave 2 / 3 sentences per idea -to get a general view- We'll discuss it further ! A poll is also opened :D


On 5/1/2018 at 7:54 AM, Zoldyck said:

My suggestion for a Giveaway method is 'Simon says Flower color''
Works like this, everyone make a Line and get some mitrhil seeds.
The Giveaway host will say a color, like
Then everyone plants a seed at same time (better have Mic or voice chat), Everyone who gets a Red moves on to next rounds, rest player are removed till next prize. Maybe White and Black Advance too.
Then all the ones who got
Red, White and Black do it all again, the host says a color and those with it right move on.
If no ones gets one right everyone tries again (same color) and if only 1 get it right even if on the 1st round he/she wins.
If you didnt understand let me know if I can explain futher. 


On 5/1/2018 at 8:09 AM, Daddy Evak said:

Due to the high volume of giveaways we should make a pvm team, people who farm drops for give away's, such as (ele pieces, shadow pieces, soulflares, ect.) not people who are trying to make cash for themselves but to help with the givaways. altho your generosity will be rewarded.


Also like you mentioned Bob, have a event on certain days where the person to upgrade the most items with proof wins a cash price, (also a way to flood out items in the eco :D 


many teams should be formed. 

(pvm team)

(recruitment team)

(staff team)

(forum team)


these are my suggestions, 




On 5/3/2018 at 11:11 PM, Hostility said:

Some sort of double points event weekend such as, Double Arcade tokens, Double CWars points (ontop of the revival previously mentioned) or double points per win/kill in battleground

Obviously wouldn't be able to have all of these going at once, but it'd be something nice to look into, and would definitely get minigames like Castle Wars and Battlegrounds running on their own again without the need to entice goodie bag prizes, and even then that's usually not even enough




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