Didyscape MEME Competition (Very NICE REWARD!!!)

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My Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ag3g4fFug0ZmXOeDpHnTw


Okay so it has came to my attention some of you guys like Memes.. especially memes of myself.. SOOOOOOOOO I've came up with the brilliant idea to make this into a competition kind of thing..


EVERY Single MEME/EDIT you make of me on Photoshop will be featured in a video :)

An example of one already made by @ChilladinYT is this masterpiece 'Didy Spiderman'



I'll try get an ingame giveaway ready for my favorite one :) (Will end 1/06/2018) Thanks for reading guys and I'm excited to see some funny replys :D :D :D 


If you want some image samples here you go - 





Or you can nab some screenshots off my videos or something :D 



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