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Staff Feedback by Chilladin

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Before you start reading

The feedback is based on my journey around Discord, in-game and the forums. It's also based on my past and current knowledge of all of the staff members. Thank you for taking your time to read your own and others feedback. I appreciate it as I've spent a lot of time to research these lovely individuals.
Now your journey of reading will begin.
 I hope you enjoy it!



Chuck - @Chuck

I haven't seen a lot of Chuck since I've rejoined, but I think he's working really hard behind the scenes or is online when I'm not online. He's a really good owner and I couldn't wish for a better owner than Chuck. If he had the time I wish he could do some fun stuff like he did in the past such as the Tinychat events. I wouldn't mind him joining our lit Discord conversations. Would also be nice to hear his voice again to see if it's still the same. Only if he has

  time though, cause I think he has gotten busier because of the growth of DS and perhaps doesn't have time to do it anymore. If I'm lucky I sometimes see him at ::home chilling. I often see him on the staff channels so based on that knowledge I guess he's working and is busy.
Anyways good to see you're still doing well and that DS is growing.

Random knowledge: He used to make events on Tinychat.



Drax - @DRAX
One word to describe Drax "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".
This guy can literally make watching grass grow fun. He's always active on the game and when you see him join your channel in Discord you already know it's going to be LIT! He likes to joke around, but can also be very serious if needed.

Lovely, lovely guy his charisma and charm is just out of this world and he handles new players really well.
I think Drax really loves what he does and couldn't wish for anything else. He's active on the forum, discord and in-game so I couldn't ask for more. He practically lives for DS. He's very fair and hosts events where almost everyone gets a prize.
When he joins the discord chats he sometimes has some JUICY info that he tells us on Discord, but don't worry it's not something that he's not allowed to tell. I really love that he sometimes comes on Discord and just lightens up the mood. He always has a fun story to tell us when he joins and even though he's quite busy he replies fast.
Drax is truly the mood maker of Dreamscape. He is a great addition to DS.
I don't know where you came from Drax, but you're doing a great job, keep up the good work and thank you.
I hope you stay forever and see you soon on Discord.
RK: Drax doesn't play video games and has a thing for Nutella.
      He walks around with a banhammer/meat tenderizer so be careful out there haha.



Stuart - @Stuart
I think Stuart likes to be socially active on DS. He loves the community and wants to communicate with most of the members through various apps. I've only typed with Stuart once and he was quite friendly.
Haven't met him on Discord yet, but he's also online when I'm offline. Our timezones are probably very like night and day so nothing to do about that really. I've seen him a lot in-game, but mostly when he does deals. I also see him on forums.
RK: His
snapchat is "Plzstu" and you better add him and he makes some juicy burgers.

Feeds - @Feeds
Haven't had any conversation or communication with Feeds. Based on some of the old posts I've read he's a very friendly and nice guy. He is also on the forums from time to time and gives out forum ranks. I would like to see you on Discord sometime.
RK: His name comes from "Feed me more" I guess he's a foodie.

Mark - @MarkDS
When I first rejoined Mark was probably my favorite staff member, he helped me with a lot of stuff in the cc channel.
He has a very kind soul and is super friendly. He helps the community in many ways. Even though he isn't Helper he still helps a lot of people in the help cc. He's usually the first to reply to questions and gives out free trivia points to everyone on yell. He also good at treating new players and is a bit "softer" on them as they are new.
Mark is 
literally too cute, on Discord I always get this pure feeling from him and that he is a very happy individual.
He's a very active Staff member and I see him in-game, Discord and forums everytime I log on.
He responds to your private messages very 
quickly and doesn't hesitate to go out of his own way to help others.
A really lovely guy. Stay the way you are Mark!
RK: He's one of DS biggest 

Is the Trivia GOD, this guy types trivia answers faster than I can read them or type them in myself.
A teacher once threw a chair at/near him and after that, he suddenly 
You've probably heard this a lot, but "Oh, Hi Mark"


Amonn - @Amonn
I see him in the game and discord, but I don't think I've ever had a conversation with him.
He usually helps people on Discord or in-game. He's also on Discord every time I log in.
RK: His name was made by a random name searcher and he's known as "Mr. Potatoe Head"


Lil Bowwow - @Lil Bowwow
He reminds me of Drax, he's socially active and likes to joke around, but can be serious.
He's very active around the gambling community of DS. I've seen his activity on the forum rise, he also hosts some of the most awesome events on Discord. I've seen him a lot on Discord he's a friendly and a very 
funny guy.
RK: He's a great clan leader #Asian Persuasion and I've heard he's the God of Gambling

Guru - @Guru
(I've heard he wasn't officially staff, but I chose to include him as well)
Very very active on DS Discord. He's mostly the first one to help people on the Discord help channel.
He's active on the voice and text channel on Discord. Super nice guy and he likes to have fun with memes.
Guru gives out some juicy news on the forums! I would love to see some more news.
RK: His name came to his mind out of nowhere and he's also known as the Kanguru



Bellatrix - @Bellatrix
This is probably one of my most favorite staff members, the reason being she's really active on forums. I've seen her work around the forums, giving ranks, posting, moving threads QOTD and editing posts for the staff members.
She's heavily active on the forums and props to her for that. She is one of the reasons for the rise of activity on the forums.
Even though she's the only forum admin atm I think she's doing a great job of watching over the forum.
Bella has recently acquired extra responsibility which is the responsibility of being an in-game helper.
She manages to maintain two "jobs" pretty well. I've seen her active in the help cc when she's not busy with her other work.
Even though she's busy in-game, forums or discord she has the time for a nice chit and 
chat from time to time.
I would say she's a good role model for people aiming for forum mod or admin. She's very easy to converse with and also one of the few people who are active on the forum chat. Fun to talk with and doesn't mind doing silly stuff.
Bella is a great addition to the staff team. I love your work and you should keep on doing what're you're doing.
RK: Is literally The Goddess of QOTD and her favorite food is Tacos or Mexican food.

       Been in one of my recent videos and she likes to adult color.


Hc Bob - @hc bob
A really nice guy. He does a lot of events and is active on Discord and the forums. I haven't really spoken to him a lot so I would love to have a nice chit and chat some day.
RK: Loves all food, but he would probably go with burrito bowls and he owns the clan/movement BOBSPLAN

Michigan - @Michigan
Michigan recently was promoted from Helper to Moderator and he still does his fair share of helping in the help cc.
He's very active when there are events going around on Discord. Very friendly to new players. I've seen him walking 
around ::train and ::mbox helping new players. He also takes over the "fort" (Help CC) when none of the staff are on or busy.

RK: He played lacrosse in College.

(As I've already mentioned "Bellatrix" I won't mention her in "Helpers"')

Hc Blaze - @Hc Blaze
Blaze is active in-game, discord and the forum. Blaze is one of the first people I've gotten to know when I rejoined the DS community. Super helpful and friendly. Blaze is a very fun person to be around and is heavily active in the help cc.
Blaze is one of the factors of the forum activity increasing, so kudos to you.
Blaze is a very chill person and very easy to communicate with.
RK: I still don't know if Blaze is male or female.
       Blaze's favorite food is Stuffed mac and cheese pizza.
       Blaze is always high and is a "Meme God"

Yoda Is Here - @YOda Is here
I've recently seen an increase

of forum activity. He's one of the most active people in the help cc, in-game, discord and forums.
Super fun guy to talk and type with on Discord. He's ready to help whenever he's online.

RK: The force is with him and he once laughed so hard he pooped himself (it was wet)


Listy420 - @Listy420
I don't know a lot about listy, but his events are pretty lit. He spends time at the gambling side of the community and that is the reason I don't know a lot about him. I also see him active in the help cc.


RK: His favorite food is steak and crab legs and of course his famous and fearful quote -inhales- "N E X T"


Pkant18 -  @pkant18
Super friendly guy. I was spending time with him before he was helper and he's talkative while he's doing tasks.
He helped a lot of people in the help cc. He doesn't mind going out of his way to help others. Very easy to talk to and responds quickly.

RK: He loves to sing




Alexxdkk - @alexdkk

DS development Team - @DS Development Team

MrUltimate - @MrUltimate
Player own90 - @Player own90

I don't know a lot about all of these developers, but I'll base my feedback on what I see in-game.
First of all, I want to say "Thank you" all for your hard work and time you've spent on DS. The game is working and thriving because of you guys. The forums are with no faults too, so thank you again for that. I love all of the new and current content in-game, so you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and if you guys wouldn't mind come and say hi from time to time if you got time to spare. Would love to hear stories, fun stuff or just about you guys.


Wiki Editors:
(As I've already mentioned "Feeds" I won't mention him in "Wiki Editors")

Mrdoctor. - @Mrdoctor.
I recently saw MrDoctor. On Discord. He's a nice guy. I've recently seen a rise of activity from him too. He joins discord chats, in-game chat and also one of the few who joins the forum chat.
RK: He's the doctor, he watches over us and he was the first one to beat the arcade!

Coffee Nut - @Coffee Nut
I haven't been in contact with Coffe, but thank you for your work.
RK: Hard to find random knowledge about him, but he has a fun profile picture on the forums.
I haven't been in contact with 
these guys that much but based on their work on the Wikipedia site I have nothing bad to say about them. The only thing is that the Wikipedia seems a bit outdated on certain pages, but I know they're working on it so props to these guys. The DS Wikipedia has also helped me a lot so I'll say it again thank you for your work and making our lives easier on DS.


Alright we're headed towards the end. Without you guys, DS wouldn't be the DS that it is right now.
You're all doing your best at the "stations" that you're currently at. I hope to meet some of the staff that I haven't had that much contact with.
You're all awesome and I hope you guys stay on DS for a long time.

Mad respect to you all!


If there is something knowledge on here that you want deleted feel free to pm me and I'll delete it.
Also if you see some mistakes such 
as: Ranks, Names and missing people feel free to post them down below and I'll get to them as soon as I can.
I would feel pretty bad if I missed any important staff member.
(I took most of the people from the current staff list so if some people are missing or not supposed to be there, feel free to say so.)

Again thank you guys for reading your or others feedback.

Have a great day and as always #DSGANG4LIFE

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Well... 1st thing: Thank you so much for spending time to reach out to all staff members! Also those not in-game :) They are often forgotten... 

2nd: there is a error -> Mark is n't the trivia god... I have claimed that title :D 

3rd: We will have some chit and chat soon enough... I cant believe you told everybody my secret! (Jk, its funny)

thanks again and till later!


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Wow, you put a lot of time, thought, and care into each persons feedback...its excellent.  I really appreciate the feedback you gave me, and I'm pleased to hear that you notice the positive changes that have been happening around forums, they have been small right now just to adjust some stuff but they are only going to get bigger from here.  The hamster wheel in my brain has been turning so keep an eye out!  I may be new to the staff team and have begun to learn more and take on more responsibility but my number 1 goal is to never lose touch and focus on the DS community, I will always have time and make time to chat, hang out with, and give time to anyone who wants it...after all Females are awesome multi taskers!!!  


1. I do love tacos, omnomnomnomn

2. I will not disappoint on the QOTD, Im glad you and a few others like it and participate

3. Adult coloring is my stress reliever in my free time and yes not many people know I do that... I will get pictures of what i've colored and post soon ;P

4. another trivia about me no one knows, i also paint rocks.. :o!

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First I wanna say that I’m touched by this wonderful feedback I’ve received. I’m always happy to help out any way I can. It’s not easy to multitask with one player and having another couple asking some questions at same time but I do enjoy helping each and every player no matter how much there is to do. That’s the job of a staff member, I knew that when I applied. I don’t regret a second of it either. I love being active on the forums as much as I can when I can. Oh yeah I’m a male by the way haha. Also I do love stuffed Mac and cheese pizza, it’s amazing! Yeah I’m always high and I deserve the title “Meme God” on discord. Once again I thank you for the awesome words you have spoken about me, I truly appreciate it. :) 

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great feedback for the staff team I love how you included the wiki editors too it really showed you care about the community.  This kind of feedback pushes the staff team to work even harder n inspires the players to help others n maybe even become staff them self. You are doing a good job your self in the community, thanks for all you doing n keep it up.

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Wow such an amazing feedback homie, Its so amazing to see such motivated texts regarding a staff member, Were they can judge on the improvement part by themselves and continue to grow. Well i always mention it, I'm in middle of some family situation which is indeed blocking me in having a chill time with you guys, I will be available from next month by 20th, then lets have a blast buddy, Until then DSGANG!!



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You're right, I'm not officially a Staff member (even though I'd love to be one again), but! I still get mentioned in - most - of the feedback threads.
I really appreciate the feedback you're giving, even if it's to another Staff member or to me. It motivates all of us to do our job a little.. better

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Dang.. thank you for taking the time to give feedback to everyone. That is awesome bud. Glad to see so much positive things said about everyone. These posts definitely give motivation for me to keep doing things better. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to do this! :)

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Pretty cool feedback here. Loving the random knowledge section too haha. I can tell you put quite a bit of effort into this feedback and I'm sure it won't go unappreciated.

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Dang this means a lot seeing this K3

I love how you think im "innocent", thats where you're wrong kiddo

Thank you for taking the time and making this :D, really brought a smile to my face


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Thanks for the feedback always great to get feedback, I'm glad you like the work the wiki team are doing.

Yes, i join the discord as much as i can but atm i have a lot of work to do so not much time to get on voice.

Yes the doctor always watch over the #DSGANG

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Okay, I'm a bit late on replying to this haha, sorry for that buddy.

Thanks for the great feedback love to see it, pm me i'd like to talk to you again. :)

And thanks for taking the time to make this, made me smile!

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This feedback is bae!

Really appreciate the kind words said here and have forwarded your message to some of our members who haven't seen this!

You're an asset to DS and I got a feeling you are only just starting your ascension into the DSGANG!

Expecting great things from you!

one to watch right here :D :D :D

I'm off to eat some Nutella hahaha

stay you


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 Thank you very much for the mention, I really appreciate it.

I can sometimes be a little shy, so I usually keep to myself.

We are constantly working on the Wiki, however, I do agree some information is falling behind, and we will just have to work harder.



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