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Staff feedback torvesta

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@Chuck 1 of the best owners we could ask for. nothing more to say.

@DRAX recently promoted to co-owner

And that is well deserved you worked really hard for it.

@Stuart 1 of the best staff members on the list knows what to do in every situation.

@Feeds 1 of my favorite staff members because he works so hard.

@MarkDS recently promoted to community manager. Very well deserved 

Trivia GOD   (but iam better )

Jkjk but you are so generous and helpfull

@Amonn recently promoted to community manager too bad i havnt seen you onnline alot

@Emperor Nick 1 of the best media mangers out there

@Lil Bowwow our newest gambling manager great job bud.

@Michigan my favorite staff member i have seen you and helped you when you began and now look where you are

@hc bob nothing to say only #BOBSPLAN

@YOda Is here our newest staff member 

Gz on the rank and well deserved man

@pkant18 also 1 of the new helpers but still you work hard (moderator soon)? :D

@Hc Blaze 100% deserves mod just saying




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6 minutes ago, YOda Is here said:


I shall claim this title thank you ;)


Thanks for leaving feedback :) 





13 minutes ago, Michigan said:

Aye thanks for the kind words man. I appreciate all your help from when I was brand new up until now! 

Np my man :D

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