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Youtuber Event Winners!

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After Reviewing all videos for the Dreamscape Youtube event, I have to say that picking a winner was extremely hard. I collected opinions from other staff members and took all videos into considerations. The videos that in my opinion that won are; creative, had good editing, and other great qualities that I felt helped Dreamscape grow. Bellow are the winners for the youtuber event and congratulations to all the winners! Another event will be hosted next month!

1st Prize Winner: ADDEX RSPS @addex


2nd Prize Winner: Pictures/Video RSPS @Video rsps



3rd Prize Winner: Maxas RSPS @Maxas



All videos were taking into high consideration and was a very tough decision! Congrats to all the winners, Pm me on discord/forums it is the best way to contact me!


As well for all people who participated in the event I have written down feedback for each video that was entered in the event. If you would like, personal message me on forums/discord/or ingame. To discuss how to make your channel grow, improve editing, descriptions and more. Im willing to work with all players, so please feel free to shoot me a message!

And as always! DSGANG!

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