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Fishing Guide HC and Normal by Chilladin (Updated)

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Fishing Location
Mage Tab -> Skilling Teleports -> Fishing & Cooking

3YPxW2D.png -> rhgUhw2.png


Fish Location

These are the locations for each fish



Experience Table

Exp rates for each fish are located here (HC and Normal)

TUeQ2rz.png GqPeR4H.png


Before you start


 I would recommend getting a double XP ring. There are 3 ways to get a double XP ring.

Squeel of fortune: Acquired by spinning the SoF. To get spins you have to get 99 in a skill.

Mbox (Mystery box): Acquire by killing penguins mbox at ::mbox

Donation: Acquired by donating 3$ at the "Custom Gear" tab

This ring isn't necessary, but makes the road to 99 way faster. 

My 1-99 Route

This is my fishing route for 1-99. (HC and Normal)

Note: The "How many" numbers are approximated because of shrimp/anchovies and swordfish/tuna are based on "Luck".

MkJwtOv.png q3KZXHQ.png


Alright, I hope this guide helped you get 99 fishing. If you have any questions just ask. 

I've come back after a break for about 5-6 month-ish. When I first joined the server (2014) I found it fun to make guides. So I began making a lot of skilling guides and some of my guides went into the golden guides (Woodcutting, Thieving, etc...) and they are not there anymore. Some might remember me as "FearTheCookzie" some might not remember me, but that doesn't matter. I'm glad to be back and making guides again. Any feedback is gladly appreciated. 

Have a good day.


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