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easter event guide

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This is a long quest, one of dreamscapes longest quest but this guide will help make it quick and easy. 




To start this quest you will need to talk to the Easter bunny south-east of home, The Easter bunny will explain that Easter is ruined and he needs your help you will need to find 6 items scattered across dreamscape. 





Part 1 finding the Easter basket


Talk the crazy old wizard north west of ::home he will explain that he saw the black market trader with it and to go speak with him.



Now type the command ::home and go north to find the black market dealer north-west side of the building he is wearing a white apron.



He will explain that he cant trade it over to you because he has traded really rare items for it. However, he can return the basket to you if you get the items back. Now for this next part, you can get these items in any order. The items you need are sailfish,sandstone,hunter rabbit, and a kbd head.


Retrieving the Black Market Trader's items.



To get the sailfish you will need a fishing rod and bait which can be obtained from the fishing teleport under skilling teleports in the mage book. 




From the home, teleport and go south-west to the fishing dock and bait fish from the end of the dock.





3 Hunter rabbit


To catch the rabbits head to the hunter skilling teleport in your mage book and buy a butterfly net and a net, from tamayu.


Equip the butterfly net and right click 'catch' the rabbits that are around the hunter area. 




Kbd head 


To get the KBD head by teleporting to Ardogune under city teleports this is one of the slower parts as you need to get lucky. you will need to pickpocket hero's around where you teleport into. this is where rng comes in you will steal coins until you are lucky enough to get the kbd head.







You will need 4 sandstones in total to complete this part of this quest. To obtain these stones you will need to mine rocks in front of the al khaid bank. To get to Al khaid go to city teleports in mage book and click al khaid.



unknown.png <-- This sandstone is required


Return the items


Once you have all the items, return to the black market dealer and trade the items in for the Black market trader he will give you Easter basket. now return to the crazy old wizard and he will give you more info on where to find the others


Part Two - Mystery present box


He will tell you the mystery box present lies with the rock crabs. To get to the rock crabs teleport to rock crabs using the monster teleport and run north you will find them on the ground just pick it up and that is mystery present box part done 



Part Three - Classic picture

The next piece you will find is in duel arena, minigames teleport-duel arena. You will find the classic picture inside the duel arena hospital. 



Part Four - Golden medal


You can find this Golden medal/necklace in the necromancer boss area. Boss teleport mage book all the way down and choose the necromancer boss run north-west they will be on the ground 


Part Five - Shiny Wood



You can find this shiny wood just outside of the ::wc teleport under a maple tree. 


Part Six - Holy chain 


This is the last part of the quest so you are all most done. 

Teleport to Lumbridge and head to the church and speak to the priest inside the church just outside where you teleport in. 



He will tell you he needs the bunnies permission *guess he doesn't trust us* 


Go back to the bunny and retrieve the note.


Now head back to the priest and hand him the note and he will give you the amulet 


now for the last part of the quest head back to the bunny and you have completed the quest 






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