Welcome to the DREAMSCAPE317 Youtuber Event. This event will be hosted and judged by the entire staff team. For this event to payout these insane prizes! -The Video has to be a new video made after the event has been posted! - This event is requiring a minimum of 20 Submissions for the prizes down bellow to be unlocked. - Your video will be judged on the following: Professionalism for example: Your title, Description and the tags you use on your video submission ect. - Your Description should include at least a link to the Dreamscape317 website - Another way you will be judged: Is the effort believed that you have put forth on the video. The Event will last till Next Friday: March 23rd 1st place will win: 10Q cash and a Custom Youtuber Icon (750$ Icon)! 2nd Place will win: 6Q cash and a Custom Youtuber Pet (600$ Pet)! 3rd Place will win: 2Q cash and a Custom Youtuber Chain (400$ Chain)!   There will be links down bellow that will be guides to help you get started with your Youtube videos. Editing software, Recording Software, and Youtube tutorial guides! Best of Luck to everyone! And as always #DSGANG Camtasia 9 Free Trial download: https://discover.techsmith.com/camtasia-brand-desktop-features-ctrl/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4oLHxaXx2QIVwl6GCh0DQQiPEAAYASAAEgKu3PD_BwE OBS Free Trial Download: https://obsproject.com/download Camtasia 9 How to edit Video: