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BevilM Give away! March

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9 Donator ticket's I give away for free 

all you have to do is enter you gamers name here ;-)

and I will pick random 9 people that I will contact in the game for their price 



1st prize of 2 player = extreme donator ticket
2nd prize of 4 players = super  donator ticket
3rd prize of 3 players = donator ticket



this will take place every month


with different prices




1st prize = @Runitebar @Maxasv2

2nd prize = @slayurr @Hc Blaze @domedbybrin @balloul04

3rd prize =  @Poogle @Showsh @hard breaths

a program will pick 9 names of the list randomly 

will end on 31/03/2018




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