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Roulette! Dreamscape Polls! and bug fixes [Patch #83 - 16/02/2018]

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In todays update we see new additions to dice zone and a new way of community interaction, as well as bug fixes, patches and quality of life improvements!




Introducing the Roulette table!

Brand New Automated Gambling System!


Check it out at ::dicezone for a chance to win big!






Introducing the  Dreamscape Polling interface!

Type ::poll for a chance to voice your opinion!







Introducing Brand New Custom Items:


The Dream God Sword!

Pre-release available first from the donation store



Olaf's Death Scythe

Pre-release available from the donation store



The 420 Protector

Custom donation





The Rising Stars!

A New Reward available to all winners of our ::Discord Karaoke Events











Items On Sale



The Tactical Box - 6$ now 5$


Bazooka - $200 now $160


Yoda Pet - $800 now $600


Gumby Pet - $600 now $400






- We have fixed some bugs with the collectors necklace

- We have fixed the drop rate and double drop rate not displaying in the quest tab for some items

- We have fixed some minor issues with the Event Billboard

- We have fixed graphical glitches with some items showing as invisible


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47 minutes ago, Tyrant said:

I love how my shitty banner is still being used. Great update


Its only shitty because you made it.


Great update. Hope you didn't fix my super secret squirrel item! Loving the rares. Where does it stand in the terms of items? Is it better than ele kat or something?

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Amazing to see new these many amazing updates that both comes from you but also ideas from the community. Thanks alot for the updates guys.

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