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What’s going on Dreamers! Today I will share my knowledge when it comes to Gambling!


In this guides I will be covering 3 Rules, different method of gambling, and how you can make profit from gambling. So, let’s get this started!


3 RULES to follow!


1. Learn to walk away: It happens to a lot of players, when you’re winning, learn to walk away. Set your limit on how much you want to spend and where your stopping points are. For example, if I wanted to bet 1.5Q cash, and happens to double the profit, set your stop loss at 1.5Q. By doing this even if you lose you still have your original cash you wanted to bet to begin with.


2. Never gamble your PVM gear: Think of gambling as investing in stock market. More you bet higher your gains are but also could wipe your bank in a instant. I can say that most players quit or stop playing because you are “Cleaned”. PVM is a guaranteed steady income in to your money pouch. I am a big believer when it comes to rebounding and hate to see players gamble away their only Pvm gear. Remember, PVM is steady cash flow, and give you more chances to gain profit in ::dicezone.


3. Personal discipline: Personal discipline covers the first 2 rules. No body likes to lose but it always happen thanks to the RNG. By following this 3 rules you have more chance of gaining profit then losing.


Different types of gambling!


1. Dice duel: You can Dice duel at “donator rank” remember to join “Dice” in clan chat so that you can start dicing other players. The rules are simple, put in the items/cash you want to gamble with then set it to First to 1, 3, or 5. The winner receives the items/cash that you have bet previously. 


CAUTION: Just because you lost 3-4 dice duel in a row does not guarantee your next dice duel as a win! It is 50/50 always keep that in mind.


2. Hot or Cold: You can find a host for hot and cold at dicezone and simply guess what color of plant that the host will plant.


Hot: Red, Orange, Yellow = doubling your money/items.

Cold: Blue, Purple, Pastel = doubling your money/items.


CAUTION: If the host plants rainbow, it’s a auto win for the host. Black or White plants are replant! Just remember HoC are not 50/50 win lose ratio due to the fact that rainbow will be the auto win for the host!


3. Flower Poker: Rules are simple, you and your opponent will plant 5 plants you can set the rules previously of BW1RP (black or white 1 replant) or BWRP (black or white whole new plants). This game is basically who can have to most pair or the combinations of the flowers.


One Pair: you have 2 same plants within in 5 plants. ( red, red, blue, yellow, orange ) 

Two Pair: you have 2 sets of 2 different color plants out of your 5 Plants.( blue, blue, red,red, yellow)

Oak: you have 3 same color of plants within your 5 plants. (Red, blue, orange, orange, orange)

Full House: One set of same color with 3 other plants of sake color. ( blue, blue, yellow, yellow, yellow)

4 Oak: it’s rare but still happens all the time! 4 same color plant out of 5 plants. ( red, red, blue, red, red )

5 Oak: 5 same color plants within 5 plants.


Caution: Remember what combinations of plants beats other, if you’re confused always reach out to trusted hosts, admin, mod! 


4. 55x2: This game is easy, find a host that doing 55x2. If the host happens to roll above 55 it is your win.


Ladies and Gentleman, now it is time for how you can make profit at dicezone! What is profit? Well if you started off with 10T cash and you’re now at 11T that 1T is your profit. So now let’s get started with making profits. Pick your gambling method, if you decide to dice duel, stick with dice duel with the same person you have been dicing with. Why? If you stay with the same opponents you can predict their RNG. Always follow your gut feeling. Bet small if you feel like losing, go big when you feel like you will win the next one. But always remember, at the end it is truly the RNG.


Thank you for taking some time to read this method. I will add photos and possibly upload some videos of me gambling other players. 


If I can make profit following this rules and guides that I have provided you can too! 


Very respectfully,


Lil Bowwow


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Love the very detailed guide bowwow. this should be very helpful to new and older players of gambling. I actually learned a few things from it as well. thank you. :) Keep up the good work Brother!

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