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Questions on buying donations from players

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Hey guys,

i was wondering what about the price is ingame for donations from players. Like how much I game money per $1 donated. I have not bought donations like this before and I am but curious.

Also, what is best way to approach buying donations from another player?



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Is it common for players to sell larger donations? Or just like $10-$50? 

The benifit of buying donations is to get points for the donation store thing right? 

Or is their a different insentive I am not understanding?

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So buying/selling donations is a tricky business to get your head around :)

Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

I hope it helps clear up some of your questions



Essentially trading donations happens when a seller (someone buying a donation for another player) sees that they will gain more from selling the donation rather then donating themselves.

The buyer (the person paying the person who is donating) sees it as a way to get an advantage for themselves to the point that they are willing to pay in game cash or items for the opportunity.


The buyers motivation could be multifold

1. the buyer could wish to get donation items but not want to or be able to pay with real money.

2. The buyer could be wishing to gain donation points, or more likely grand lottery points.

3. The buyer could be buying a custom donation (e.g. an item that they are getting made for them, that will be modelled to their specification upon purchasing the set amount)

4. The buyer could be wishing to support the server!


The prices of donations varies wildly, this is based not only on the age old ideas of supply and demand but also based on the buyers intent.

For example, a person looking to buy a custom donation is looking for an donation to obtain a super juicy personalised item and may wish to overpay to ensure that they get the required donation and their item gets made.

At the current time of posting, the going rate is 35-50t a dollar. This will be at the lower end for smaller donations and at the higher end the larger the donation amount.

However: for large donations these set prices go out of the window. The price will be based on:

1. How badly the buyer wants their custom donation

2. How far their bank will go


On a personal note

3 months ago when I bought my custom glaive donation (The Gay Cape) I overpaid at a rate of just over 110t a dollar (the market rate at this time was around 25t a dollar).

This was a large donation and in order to draw interest and convince players to donate in my name I advertised overpay and managed to follow through with the donation. I was happy as I got my awesome custom item and the seller was happy as he got a very substantial chunk of in game cash.


How common is it?


Is it common for players to sell larger donations? Or just like $10-$50? 

This can vary a lot!

Some times players will want to sell large donations to get ahead in the game, at other times it can be tricky to find big sellers.

Also, believe it or not the time of year makes a big difference. A good time to look to buy big donations is around tax season ;) pro tip!

The staff team spends a lot of time acting as the middle-man for donations, donations of all sizes are traded on the daily!


How to do it?


Also, what is best way to approach buying donations from another player?

Good places to advertise that you are buying/selling donations are the 'Market_Channel' of the ::Discord or the marketplace on the forums here. As well as obviously in game over yell.


Important things to remember

1. As the seller of a donation, you hold all the power, you can demand the amount of money you want per dollar

2. Though donations are desirable and a lot of people try to buy them everyday, working out a compromise on prices is almost always needed to successfully sell/buy a donation

3. Always... I repeat... ALWAYS use a staff middleman!

4. Ensure you put the donation in the other players name (double check spelling) to avoid delays

5. Paying via e-cheque or bank will delay the process and may cause long delays to both players getting the donation or payout

6. Check market rates in the help cc or over yell to confirm at the time of buying/selling a donation. Although these prices are just guidelines, they set a good benchmark and are always changing!

7. Donations must be bought through the Dreamscape store. Any attempt to donate to another players PayPal/bank account/etc or any trade of real world money for in game cash/items is against the rules and will result in a ban

8. By donating or by buying donations you are helping support the server and this is greatly apprciated.


Too long didn't read


1. Market rates fluctuate wildly

2. The bigger the donation the bigger the per dollar price

3. The current rate at the time of posting is 35-50t a dollar

4. Selling donations for in game cash must be done through the dreamscape store.





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Hey, I buy donations all the time from other players. Every dollar is 35-50T but it will be raised when it hits 60+ and more. Best way to sort it out is to work your deals with the buyer/seller and come up with solid price where you’re not overpaying or under buying. Most people who donates for me is return seller! Best of luck

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Yeah I really think it just depends on the person you are selling or buying from and the time you are buying it. I would recommend shopping around. 

I have sold many donation and bought many donation all at diff. prices. 


Good Luck!  If you have any questions in game I am usually on night time (after 9:00PM Mountain Time)

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