Slayer rant and some suggestions

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Hello Dreamscape,

Today I wanted to rant over some things that I DEEM TO BE VERY BORING INGAME and make suggestions and see what people think about them


1. Slayer


Where to start.... First of all i'd like to say the slayer system and rewards seem very very rushed and not paid attention to. In any game slayer is a way to make money and get extra benefits for killing that certain monster. HOWEVER in dreamscape the rewards inside the shop sorry to say are utter garbage. The items inside the reward shop don't help any player whatsoever. Though some may say there's good items in there, but what is good in there? Nothing, because people around dreamscape have so much of that certain item that it's not even worth slaying for. For example there is chaotic claws, anger mace, sword of 1k truths inside, cosmetics, useless weapons. Every single item inside the shop can be obtained in dreamscape faster than doing slayer. The slayer tasks are even more boring since you barely make any money from the bosses themselves besides souls and you have to be super lucky to obtain a drop or wait thousands of kills to get a drop that some of the times doesn't cost the time you spent camping for it.


Fix I recommend:

Redo the slayer system from the ground up and make it UNIQUE from other custom servers. 

Slayer Tasks: 

Use the slayer monsters from osrs or make custom slayer monsters that require different styles to defeat. These monsters would have improved health and damage that accounts for the combat system of dreamscape. With the addition of the new slayer tasks the current tasks you can receive would be boss tasks and only the high tier bosses would be counted to counteract the lower tiered bosses. To re pick a task it'd take the dreamscape points to get another task and if you don't want to do that you can choose to get an easier task but it would be the lower tier bosses.


Slayer Monsters:

Just like in osrs or rs3 there are monsters that require certain items to finish off. Adding these requirements would be good because it requires attention to complete the task even though it may be tedious.


Examples of monsters health - 


Crawling hands,

Health - 100-500

Difficulty: easy

Damage: 1-7 hp

Requirements: None


Dreamscape Gargoyles,

Health: 3000-5000

Difficulty: Hard

Damage: 10-20 hp

Requirements: 80 slayer, Rock Hammer


Abyssal dreams

Health: 5000-6000

Difficulty: Hard

Damage 10-15

Requirements: 87 slayer


Now you may be thinking why do these when we could do the boss slayers and hope for a drop. Here's my idea

Slayer Drops for regular tasks:

Each slayer monster could drop a certain fragment that you can combine into armor and weapons from the slayer smith (New npc).

 The fragments would start from ultra rare drops from easier monsters and the droprate would slowly increase due to the difficulty of the task. This would kind of serve as the middle tier armor because of the price jump from the custom armors in dreamscape. With the fragment drops the monsters can drop items that when sold to the

     (Slayer Treasurer) the player would receive anywhere from 100b-1t at a random interval.


Hunters Garb:

Hunters hood: 5-15 slayer fragments

Hunters Garb: 10-15 slayer fragmentes

Hunters Leggings: 10-15 slayer fragments

Hunters boots and gloves: 5 slayer fragments


Behemoths Armor:

Behemoths Horns: 5-10 slayer fragments

Behemoths Hard Hide: 15-20 slayer fragments

Behemoths Hard scales (legs): 15-20 slayer fragments

Behemoths gloves and boots: 5 slayer fragments


Lich King Armor:

Lich King Crown: 5-10 slayer fragments

Lich King Robes: 15 slayer fragments

Lick Kings Bottoms: 12 slayer fragments

Lich Kings boots and gloves: 5 slayer fragments



Bow of the nightinfell: 25 slayer fragments

Reaper of the Winds: 25 slayer fragments

Staff of everlasting: 25 slayer fragments


After obtaining these armor sets the player can increase the tier of the armor which would increase the stats. Each tier increase the amount of slayer fragment cost would increase. This would make players strive to slay. Also the fragments would only be dropped by these certain npcs or if on task it drops.

Slayer Benefits:

Some benefits for slayer would be double damage, longer tasks, more points upon completion, and kill finishes.




I believe lowering the rates on some bosses would benefit the server because right now the economy is sectioned off from new players who only f2p, the donators that have decent banks, the donators who have a good amount and then the extremely rich players. Having some high tier bosses drops reduced would benefit the players who need to catch up by them obtaining the higher tier gear. There are many bad benefits with this but there are good benefits to because the droprate is raised, the ecomomy can even out for the non donators because of the upgrade chest the items won't be too out of control with the hard rates. While the donation items can stay where they are because they cost real money.



I believe making each boss only drop their respective ultra rare items is something to consider. Reason is that the lower tier items are always being looked over because the higher tier bosses drop that lower tier bosses drop as an uncommon drop. Also there are bosses that drop the same thing as another boss. This doesn't make any sense why it would happen like that and there are some bosses that need to be reworked and revisited for their drops such as God Wars Dungeon, Icy skeleton, Phoenix boss, and sea troll queen are the bosses i'm concerned about. (I can make another thread that has new idea for drops)


Player Killing:

The pvp gear for server is still bugged even after months of it being known about, it needs to be changed along with its pk shop because it's also GARBAGE.



Vorago needs to be revisited and moved back to spider hill where it is multi. It would increase pvp activity because of the multi zone and if pvp is fixed more options for events.



Some shops that need to be revisited because of what I can tell they're being disregarded for some reason and items in there are useless because they can be obtained ingame and the quantity of those items are enormous. All of the shops being mentioned haven't been touched since forever and really does need to be looked at again.


Achievement shop

Prestige shop

Pk Shop

Rares Shop



Other in dept suggestions to come 

PLEASE STAFF Consider this suggestion PLEASE


Please comment what you think and ideas! :)

@Feeds and @Stuart @Player own90



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Guest love the idea   
Guest love the idea

nice I like it and I hope they see this


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I really do like your slayer suggestions.

I think you're right about slayer, and slayer does need a revamp.

There's not currently much to slayer, and we could definitely see more to it.

You have my support on this.

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amazing suggestion thanks for suggesting it to us bale,

this is a really well made/detailed thread, slayer is a really good point to start changing it

some people would agree its boring and we need changes in slayer, I totally agree with that,

I would love to add something for the slayer fragments, it's an amazing idea, and the shop for the slayer fragments  

would have valuable weapons/useful weapons, such as "space jam/golden minigame[ofcoruse  requires high amount of slayer fragmnets]

or a random drop that comes from only slayering [such as a new brutal whip that's only obtained from slayer, and have  slightly better stats that space jam U]

that's the things that I would love adding, and I will say huge vouch for this


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agreed id really love to see this come into play i did slayer by xp lamps cuz of the tasks and rewards id love to be able to do some real slayer 


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