Banned! [Forum Game]

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Okay so in this game people obviously won't actually get banned for playing, as this is a forum game. (Doesn't mean break forum rules.)

For this game you will be "Banning" the person above you, so you would be like


"(Insert Name of Person Above) and then Banned for a reason."



Epok replies: 

@OGChromahas been banned for, smelling bad.

and then the next person would ban the person above them so this case it would be Epok



I cant die replies:

Epok has been banned for, being a chill guy.


Then the game will go on from there!

Remember be creative and try to make it humorous that's the whole point of this forum game!  



OGChroma has been banned for, being way toooooo poooorrrr!

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