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Staff Update - November 2017

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Dear Dreamscape Community,

We're here with yet another staff update thread, Let's begin with recent promotions


Let's Begin


We'd like to congratulate jliW8zW.gif Hc Drax  He has been a highly helpful and active fTkZF2h.gif In-Game Moderator Which is why he earned himself jliW8zW.gif In-Game Administrator

in no time. And very nice and respectful Staff member of the community, We congratulate him for all his hard work and dedication for becoming promoted! We really hope to see great thing from you. Keep up the great work.



Up next, We have Another hardworking helper fTkZF2h.gif Masks who has shown his dedication to DreamScape and has been promoted to fTkZF2h.gif In-Game Moderator also, Showing his extreme dedication and friendliness. He's been a user for quite sometime being very friendly within the community, Helping players. We appreciate all of your work you have done to this server and can't wait to see you grow even more!



Yet another promotion to a great wiki editor who is very dedicated to his work fTkZF2h.gif amonn has worked hard for his promotion to fTkZF2h.gif In-Game Moderator. He's done a hard job and is near close to one of the most active players of dreamscape! He deserve's this position deeply. We are looking forward to seeing more of what he is capable of doing for the DreamScape.



Another promotion to SriVdUY.gif Mrdoctor. who was promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper! His activity In-game is incredible. He's been great Wiki Editor of the community for a while and is unlimited knowledgeable about DreamScape and no doubt is a great addition to the team. Congratulations, we hope the best for you!



Lastly, we haveSriVdUY.gif Epok who was promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper! He's been really helpful in the help cc and in the yell and a well know ex-staff. His dedication for several weeks has definitely earned him the position. Congratulations and we are sure that you will be doing a wonderful job! Welcome to the Staff Team.




And we also gained  77HvcZx.pngLegacy Trusted hosts within our community

Their names are:-


@Shelter - Legacy Host

@Bale - Legacy Host

@Orbital/Unobtainable - Legacy Host

@Tyrant - Legacy Host

@Emperor Nick - Legacy Host

@Iron Barrage - Legacy Host


We're glad to have you on the community, keep dicing safe

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