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Instance Manager *Ironman*

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INSTANCE MANAGER (Boss instance)


As I've noticed in game, there is many people who are unsure about how Instance Manager works.
A guide would be very helpful so I took the time to make a small guide that show how it works.





At home you will be able to see a purple portal (Location; West of home)




When you have clicked on the Instance (portal) you will see this:



In here you are able to choose which boss you wanna kill.

You simply click on a boss & it will show you:

  • Combat level of the boss
  • How much HP the boss have
  • How many kills you get in the instance
  • Show how difficult the boss is
  • Show how much it cost to enter the boss



Amount of cash:

It cost 400b-10T to enter the bosses (different price from boss to boss)




when you have choosen a boss you click on "29009b170820a877dcea99f5935dc698.png"


each boss kill, your drop will automatically be moved into your bank. Also when you are done with instance you will be moved out of the instance & end same place as you enter the instance.





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