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Dreamscape, New Boss - New Pets - Big patches - [Patch #78 - 09/11/2017]

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Hello Dreamers!

Today's much anticipated update is full of new features and jam-packed with new content!




Christmas is here at ::home

Snow, Christmas trees and throwable snowballs!


0857e6e4521c2e3f215c5c2bc6112066.png  34a918dd152508fde106891abae9a20a.png  325beda69a178564b43ffce92cc49851.png



New Magegray Area

16 new Magegray that cannot be one hit!

ONE_HIT.png ]





New Dicezone Area for the Gamblers 

Huge new custom area for dicing and flower games!






New Diablo Boss!

Type ::diablo in game... if you dare!


d5b2d344b754e00947a1d9a261c31f4c.png    diablo.png  a4374cba1701e43635b0644aa1e760b2.png




::Compare Now shows every stat bonus!





Custom F Key Binding 

Click on the the options tab and click 0efb3e048710236a57bc75a62d2c4116.png to set up custom F keys






Increased flexibility of chat options.

Including new yell tab!











Misc. Server Notes:

  • ::Highscore (Added Ironman mode and removed administrator's+ account from the list)
  • New ::Magegray Zone by clicking the energy barrier.
  • Promo Codes for Starter (Allows the new players to get some extra items)
  • King Vargas bug has been fixed
  • Dream potions are now unusable in PvP
  • Some halloween items have been taken off the wheel



Introducing Brand New Custom Items...


The Devious Set 






The Lava Sythe





The Rick and Morty Pets


9b1c57c1da7d386e99e18c8377867a7a.png   acf09a8a0ced505c9a697c28a2533007.png




The Pepper Pet

Exclusive custom pet for winners of the 'Satan's Toe Challenge'





The Lava Blackjack Table    




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Amazing update!! Can't wait to try out the new bosses!!!

Great to see there's a new magegray area, cuz it was a bid crowdy being there with the rest of the grinders :D


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How does one get the:


*Lava scythe

*Lava BJ table (EDIT: One can donate 600$ for this item)

*Rick & Morty pet (EDIT: One can donate 800$ for either one of these items. They have a 15% drop rate increase & 5% Double drop increase.)

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