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A Dreamscape Halloween - [Patch #76 - 10/27/2017]

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Hello Dreamers!

This update we've focused on a bit of the Halloween spirit with a new quest.

We've also come out with some sweet new

Dream potions that will enhance your DS experience







This Halloween we were wanting to bring you all something simple and

still interesting with some straightforward rewards.

You can start this quest by talking to Voldemort in Draynor Village.








These potions have 3 variants; 4 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours.

Dream Magic Potion - Increase Magic damage 10%

Dream Range Potion - Increase Range Strength by +500

Dream Strength Potion - Increase Strength bonus by +500

Dream Exp Potion - Increase EXP rate 300%

Dream Drop Rate Potion - Increases your drop rate by 6%

Dream Double Drop Potion - Increases your double drop chance by 6%

Dream Thieving Potion - Doubles your loot from thieving!


Use the command ::dreamstate to track your dream potion timers.




Dream Potions:

  •  New Dream potions are now obtainable by wheel rewards :: wheel.


Dynamic Boxes:

  • Dynamic box has been fixed and will be updated with new rewards soon.


Misc. Server Notes:

  • Server stability and client performance has been improved by 10%
  • The bird's nest bug in the player owned shops has been fixed.


Live Support:

  • Live support has been added to the donation store. (This is a real person, not a robot.)



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Event was good, the wheel rewards seem amazing, another way for players to get some entry level stats to pvming rather than just gear alone. The exp from the event seemed a bit bugged though, might need to be looked into :) 

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