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DS Wheel of Fortune, Custom items, and fixes [Patch #75 - 10/10/2017]

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Hello Dreamers!



This update is focused on quite a few different aspects of the game.


Custom Items  ✔  DS Wheel of Fortune    Bug Fixes


You can find the full list below.







Everyone has been wondering about the gear rewards

✔ Kril's Battlegear - Currently no effect

✔ Rogue's set - 20% double drop rate & 2% drop rate

✔ Captain America's shield -  1 prayer gain per hit

✔ Thor's hammer - 20% double drop chance


There is also a new item being introduced to the chest in Battlegrounds

The Ring of Chance, this item gives a 100% increase for key drops.












Wheel of Fortune  or type ::wheel ingame.

There's a new sound here at Dreamscape and that's the sound of

a new wheel spinning with some awesome rewards!











  • You can now spectate black jack tables when a game is going on.


Combat levels:

  • Combat levels will now automatically show while training.


Missing NPCs:

  • There were a few NPCs that were reported missing that have been fixed and replaced.


Market and Highscore command changes:

  • The ::highscores command functions properly. The command ::lmarket has been made to open the market page.


Miscellaneous changes:

  • The ::removehardcore command now has a prompted message instead of an instant downgrade.
  • The Slayer gem teleport to Icy Skeletons has been fixed.
  • There is now an option to skip the tutorial when you make a character.
  • 2 Bill tickets have been fixed and can now be claimed into your money pouch.
  • Text wrapping has been fixed to reach across the entire chat line.
  • Using tab to message a player will not break their name if they have 12 characters.


Clan Chats:

  • The clan chats have been fixed to allow for 100 ranked players. This will help with the amount of ranked players who gamble in dice cc.


Daily Task:

  • Chaos Elementals, Icy Skeletons, cutting dragonstones daily task have been fixed.






Custom Donations released in this update:

Hardcore's Destiny: for Hardcore V2



Crimson Rifle: for Chagol



Nutella Pet: for Mafia



Mayonaise Pet: for VGod



Xp's Icy Owner cape: for Xp Barrage



And quite a few others, want to get your own custom?

Check it out here: Custom Donations




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Sweet update! Next could battlegrounds get a little work? Less insta win items, correct stats on items, protection prayer working against spoders, or at least actually reducing their damage? And the little things like chaotic rapier having zero str bonus, equipping wands gives you a blackjack table... Thanks!

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Another great update! Very jealous of those sweet customs, gz to all <3
Really loving the wheel :D Although I got a couple of items from the collection chest and they went into my bank as noted which looks rather odd haha.
Thanks for all your hard work!

Drax ;)

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Wow. Now I definitely need to play this a lot more. Just been playin Xbox lately. But the battlegrounds update has for sure caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing whoever in-game O>O

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