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DreamUpdate - Battle Grounds, Highscores, and market watch! [Patch #74 - September 15th, 2017]

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Hello Dreamers!



This update is focused on quite a few different aspects of the game.


 Bug Fixes  ✔  Highscores & Market watch    Battlegrounds Reward Shop


You can find the full list below.







Battle Grounds Reward Shop





The new items available are fully customized and have special effects when using them. (Information will be released shortly)










Skill changes:

  • Attack experience rate has been fixed.


Duel Arena:

  • OP items can not be used in the duel arena.


Highscores and Market:


Donator Teleports:

  • Extreme zone teleport was fixed for extreme donators. ::ez


Hardcore removal:

  • Hardcore players can now use ::removehardcore again if they wish to downgrade.


Thieving Stalls:

  • Thieving at the stalls will now fail if you try to click too fast.


Miscellaneous changes:

  • First person mode added by using ::firstperson, use the command again to turn it off.
  • Chat messages will now continue to a new line if it is too long to fit on one.









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That first person is definitely going to be interesting, i am certainly going to have to give it a try, keep up the awesome and interesting updates. 

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Guest Nooby Tuesday   
Guest Nooby Tuesday

what if you on regular or iron-man mode? Can you switch to hardcore mode. For example, ::upgradehardcore.

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