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S O L O69

Iron man guide (My route)

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Introduction too the guide.

(Different colour text represents sections or pretty important information)


Hello all, today i'll be showcasing my method of how i started my iron man from start to my current progress, what to kill for certain items and how to progress your account to the best way possible.


Once you start of and go through your tutorial you'll end up at home (::home if you're new for future references)


Too get the ball rolling you want to start of by going to the location ::mbox, these penguins can drop penguin bones which give 2940xp each when used at the altar east of your teleport ::home, you can also do ::vote and vote on all 4 links and be rewarded with vote books which can be very rewarding to start you off.




Once you're at ::mbox they can drop mystery boxes which can contain items too get the ball rolling for your account, underneath is the drop table i've added too show you what items can be given from the mystery box, a vital item which you may want to hunt is the "double xp ring" which i will explain for in the future of this post.






With your ironman starter gear you want to first train your strength to make the process of killing faster.

Once you receive your first drop of an armadyl piece (Hilt/chestplate/helmet/chainskirt) you want to go too ::soulroom and also pick up the penguin bones for the altar at home, 43 prayer is needed for future content to get you started.


I advise getting two/three armadyl pieces to start you off to buy your first weapon to help you progress.


Once you have two or three pieces go to ::soulroom and right click the soulwell and sell the items, keep the bones for prayer at the altar located at home.


Now you have 2b you want to invest in a better weapon.

Once you're at home go to the shops north and trade "Sandi's ewoks weapons" and purchase a god dagger.



Go back to ::mbox and now you'll start killing more efficiently, this'll be where you really grind out your account.

Hint ; Penguins also drop vanguard which has good defence and strength bonus too start you of, no requirements are needed to wear this armour. Placeholders can be sold too the well for 3b a piece, gloves/boots/helmets are sold too the black market at home.


Now it's time to buy gear and upgrade it via ::upgrade


Warning: items can fail so you'll need to buy more then one, so camping for a few B is the best route too take.


Once you have around 20b saved up from this method go to "Candi's armour" at home and invest in drygore off-hands as it'll take quite a load too upgrade as it has a low rate.


Also invest 3b into berserker ring (i) as this is your best inslot ring as of the moment and will help be more efficient.


Now you will go to ::upgrade and use "upgrade all" and attempt for Offhand drygore (u)

If you fail them all don't panic, just go back to ::mbox and work on your combat more whilst getting the money too purchase some more.


Once you finally have the drygore offhand (u) and god dagger this is a vast powerspike into your account, now it's time to get more powerful gear.

Go to the command ::starterboss and attempt to get a royal sicle and/or brutal whip

Royal sicle is a lot easier to upgrade then drygore offhands so two/three maybe do the trick to being upgraded.


souls and what they do.

This is a torquat soul, there are many ingame dropped by bosses and the amount varies, collect 200 and make into a key for loot from ::soulroom. you can either get a rare drop from what the boss drops or loads of different items.




For this demonstration i'll use a phoenix key.




Spoiler alert; i got a dildo, thanks Chuck.


Now you have your royal sicle(u) and off-hand it's time to introduce you too minibosses and what they drop which can progress your account.


This is the miniboss teleport, you'll need 500m per teleport to access the area.


This is the miniboss area, you want to kill the mini kbd and graador for xp lamps which grant you 750k xp in prayer, 1.5m if you get the dxp ring from mystery box



This is the process you want to follow until 95 prayer, which unlocks you turmoil and soulsplit. This will progress your bossing a lot easier, now onto finding even more overpowered gear.


At ::home there is an instanced portal for ironmen, you can choose from which path you want to take now 


1) Barrelchest, he drops gnome scarfs which can go 15b ea at ::soulroom which can make your bank and also drops ice katana which is one of the best weapons you can use.

2) Phoenix, he drops pet which improves your drop rate by 10% 


If you're lucky enough to get the phoenix pet your bossing will be made a lot easier with your 35% drop rate (Almost maxed out) 

Barrelchest also drops white glass wings which have a prayer bonus of +1000 which makes you able to camp areas with only restores and soulsplit unless its areas like chaos elemental.


From here you have gear to take which route you want to improve your account, best of luck and message me ingame or join "S O L O69" clan chat too talk to other iron men or ask for any tips you feel wasnt covered :)












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4 minutes ago, Feeds said:

One word to shout out AMAZING! I'm really glad new players are getting interested on making such beautiful guide and explaining almost everything. You pretty much earned feeds' respeck homie.


Thank you very much, thinking of making one for normal accounts to help new players out :)

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