Dreamers Monthly - September 1st, 2017

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Within today's Dreamers Monthly, we will discuss the usual topics. Player promotions, Introductions, Interviews, and many other topics will be discussed within the paper.


The Dreamers Monthly Team wishes everyone an excellent time with reading this months Newspaper.


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This month we had quite a few promotions in several different departments!


First off, we'd like to congratulate @Ownerscape on recently being promoted to one of DreamScape's fTkZF2h.gif In-Game Moderator! Ownerscape was doing such a wonderful job as a helper/mod and that's why he was promoted to jliW8zW.gifIn-Game Administrator in no time.

 Keep it up Ownerscape!


Yet another huge promotion was to @Emperor Nick who has been promoted to ouQeCCH.gif Gambling Manager

who has been familiar with all the ds players and well known Trusted host. Which truly led him to the role. We hope he shows amazing stuff within DS!



Next up we have @englishlog who was promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper! He's been really helpful in the help cc and in ::yell. His dedication for several weeks has definitely earned him the position. Congratulations and we are sure that you will be doing a wonderful job! Welcome to the Staff Team.


We have another promotion. @Hi its Guru was promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper! His activity in-game is incredible. He's very knowledgeable about DreamScape and no doubt is a great addition to the team. Congratulations Guru, we hope the best for you!


Yet another promotion was made to @Unicow who has been our ex-staff and got demoted for some irl issue, which truly didn't stop him from his dedication, which is why he has gained back the SriVdUY.gif Helper!


Moving on to the dicing side of things, we have four new 77HvcZx.png Trusted Host ! Congratulations to @Shelter and @Defiant@Mafia and @Zodiac on earning the postion! All four of them have been really active in ::dicezone and have been offering there services of Middle Man in order to keep dicing as safe as possible. Congratulations to these gentleman.


@Wonder has earned the eAdhQMj.png?1 Graphics Designer rank! He's been really active in the GFX Section on the forums and has put out some lovely work for quite some time now! Congratulations, we hope to see some more beautiful work from you!


@amonn has earned the rFVX1ME.png Wiki Editor rank! He has shown intelligence and interest in helping out the community which are perks we look for! Congratulations, glad to have you part of the Wiki Team! 


Also @E_M_C has earned the rFVX1ME.png Wiki Editor rank! She has shown great dedication and has been very helpful around the community!

Congratulations, glad to have you as well part of the Wiki Team!


Last but not least, we have the biggest promotion of them all! Congratulations to @Lt. Limes on being promoted as the new DreamScape 9aEeedt.gif Co-Owner! 

We are very glad to have him on board with us! We hope that he achieves some big things with us here on DreamScape to make it the best server out there!



We have quite a few introductions this month! Let's welcome all of these members to DreamScape!


@Blueoptic has returned to DreamScape! He's one of our Wiki-Editiors!



@Redaeran has also returned to DreamScape! One of our DreamScape veteran's!




A potential new YouTuber has joined DreamScape! Welcome @Sleash!




A friendly @HC Valknir has joined DreamScape! He plans on interacting with the community on the Forums!



A Hardcore Ironman has joined DreamScape! Welcome @Zaro!


@Best of Nessanhas joined the DreamScape community! Let's welcome him!


We already know him! But @Yvez has decided to give us a little bit of information about himself!


A Runescape player for 10 years?! Welcome, @Shorty!


@Jota has returned to DreamScape! Please warn welcome him.


Is @Suffer back?! Don't know yet, lets hope he lit the good olden good days.


An old DreamScape player has returned! Welcome, @Nicola!


All the way from the Netherlands! Welcome, @adodwerg


@Vince or Aliengod has returned! The legend himself returns to the family, We honestly missed you! Welcome him back.


@ChanceB is back! Yet another old player returns to the DS, Make sure to warm welcome him.


Let's all welcome @A D T R to DreamScape! We're sure you will enjoy your stay with the community.


@Tariq Maroof has joined us here on DreamScape! Make sure to welcome him to the community.


A very experienced RuneScape player has joined us! Welcome @Gabor!


@Bjergkersenwishes to known by the community, make sure to say hey


@Kai Parker wishes to say hello to the community! Please make sure to warmly welcome him


@Tripping has joined the community, Make sure to welcome him.We like to give you warm welcome to the #1 Custom RSPS, Dreamscape! hopefully you will enjoy.


@Flee has joined the community, Glad to see you made an introduction to our forums, we truly appreciate it. We like to give you warmest welcomes to our awesome server, and we wish you the best of luck with your awesome beginning of the adventures!


@Simplify has decided to come back, He has been gone for months and is glad to be back on DreamScape! Let's give him a warm welcome back on his Introduction Thread


@Stenzi joined the DSGANG, So let's give him a warm welcome on his Introduction Thread!



@Thc Man We have another new player on DreamScape! The name of the player is Video rsps and he decided to start an adventure on DreamScape via YouTubing! It's always a pleasure to see new players joining the world of DreamScape by YouTubing! Just check out his Introduction Thread and give him a warm welcome!





Sadly, we also have some farewells. We wish all of these members the best and hope to see them back soon!


@Clubzlutxp has left us. We hope to see him back again. Make sure to say him goodbye


The one and only @Braydan (Uzi) has left. We wish him the best of luck with his future!


Another YouTuber has left. @Video rsps has a company to build, we wish him the best of luck.


@Phoenix has resigned from his Forum Moderator position, we hope to see him back ASAP! And We really miss you


@FloppyTech1 has decided to leave the community, we wish him all the very best for future



@Hc Maximum has left the YouTuber rank behind, Its always sad to see a YouTuber leaves the DS, We will miss you


@Wonder GFX designer is taking break from the DS, a great person to honestly miss,  we will miss you bud.


Yet another beloved player @Doubt is taking break, we will miss him








Rumor has been said @Emperor Nickhas been cleaned?, It doesn't matter to him right now since he's admin.



Has it been rumored @Tyrant  hasn't seen a camel yet? seems strange




Interview with SriVdUY.gif Hi its Guru


 How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server?


I've found out Dreamscape back in 2015 when I used to play a lot of different RSPS', when I was searching around. I really found nothing on any toplist of RSPS'.
 After a while my friend used to play this, he really did not stay for long, he played for around a week or so. I decided to join him on Dreamscape. He left after
 a week, I decided to stay and play. What I first thought about the server was how weird it was, with all the customs. You'd never know what's good or bad when you're
 new.  It was an awesome experience however, and it still is. I love it here.


 What do you like to do the most in DreamScape as a Helper? Why?


As a helper, I really enjoy to help people. We have people asking for help every couple or minutes or so, I'm always trying my best to answer their questions and help
them as far as I can.


 You've been a part of DreamScape for awhile, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape?


The community. It's as simple as that. The Dreamscape community is way different than most RSPS'. Most of the community is really helpful and so nice.


What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why?


My favorite moment.. happened around 20 July, when I - kinda - hosted an event with Unicow and Hc B0wer. We did this big fashionscape event, and I was the judge.
It was so amazing to see how many people participate in events. It's awesome...


If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why?


When I wasn't helper, I would've chosen helper. But there isn't really any other that I want. I'm happy enough with my helper rank.


 Do you have any goals you want to achieve?


Well, all the goals that I actually had were to get my golden minigun, emperor set, and ownercape. My next goal is probably working my way to Moderator! 


If you could choose between being Immortal, or being Super Strong and Fast, which would it be?


Would prefer being super strong & fast. If you're fast, nobody can touch you.


 If you could undo one moment in the past, what would it be?


Well, I used to dice a ton, and that's the moment where I thought lets all-in. And that's how I lost my whole bank and took a break. I came back though.


 Which would you pick: being world-class attractive, a genius or famous for doing something great?


Famous for doing something great.


 Anything else you would like to say to the DreamScape community?


I wanna thank everyone for just playing Dreamscape. I also wanna thank specific people who have helped me this far, Stan, Feeds biggest thanks from me.



Interview with 77HvcZx.png Joeztube


 How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server?


I was just looking through runelocus server list tbh, I tried a few but didn't like them. Then I came on dreamscape and when I first started i was like really confused
I saw the Pikachus, thug-bobs and all those NPCs, first couple days I was just training and grinding.


What do you like to do the most in DreamScape? Why?


Well first it was pvming but I got bored of that so I tried my luck at dicezone and made some big bank and well I got addicted to gambling!


So you've been a part of DreamScape for quite some time, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape?


As you probably know I am on the trusted host team so that keeps me motivated to keep helping the team and the community as much as I can.


 What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why?


My favorite moment was when I got promoted to trusted dicer. I was so happy because I really worked my but off for that.


 If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why?


I would pick owner and spawn a lit bank and go gamble with that aha!


 Do you have any goals you want to achieve?


I have a couple of goals but one of them is to clean Tyrant his bank hahahaha (love you tyrant <3)


If you could choose between being Immortal or being Super Strong and Fast, which would it be?


 100% Immortal


What do you think about DreamScape's community?


Legit we have the best community I've ever seen, there is no server where you can find a community like this. Everyone interacts with each other, staff to players and
players to staff, always fun moments on discord and forums. You won't find this anywhere else.


Is there anything else you wish to say to the community?


A Big Big shoutout to the staff team!! Keep up your great work and keep making this server lit. And also a big shoutout to all of the Youtubers you guys make the best content
and you need to be appreciated more! #DSFAM



Interview with (pkmlian12)


How did you find out about DreamScape? What were your first thoughts regarding the server?


I found this server 2 years back from one of the private server websites and clicked on it. My first thought regarding this server is that I enjoyed the new items
it had on the server than any other server which made the game more enjoyable.


What do you like to do the most in DreamScape? Why?


I enjoy the new minigame they have brought out as it is something new to private servers and it helps bring back PVP!


So you've been a part of DreamScape for quite some time, what keeps you motivated to stay with DreamScape?


One thing that keeps me motivated is the community as I have been told that we have one of the best community out there and I been playing for 2 years and everyone
I have met and have been great.


What is your favorite moment on DreamScape? Why?


Talking to my friends I haven't seen in a long time as I had taken a break for some time.


If you could choose one position for one day, what rank would it be? Why?


It would have to be a trusted dicer as I am in dice zone for at least 10 hours a day and I love to middleman as it helps prevent people scamming each other.


Do you have any goals you want to achieve?


One goal I have always wanted to achieve is the Trusted Host rank.


If you could choose between being Immortal or being Super Strong and Fast, which would it be?


I would have to be immortal.


What do you think about DreamScape's community?


The community is great and everyone is very friendly.


Is there anything else you wish to say to the community?





A few achievements this month starting off with @FloppyTech1donating over 1000$! Thanks for the contribution towards the server.




Then 400 players! Wow! #DSGANG





@SquishyHas achieved 2000 forums post! Very active member of the Forums.




@Hc MaximumUpgraded an Elemental Platebody into a Chaos Platebody!





@Zaro Has achieved 200 forums post!





@Bmandonated for an Ownercape! Thank you!



@Steffb has donated for Ownercape, Thank you!




@yearone Upgraded an Elemental Helm and Elemental Platelegs into a Chaos Helm and Chaos Platelegs




@Gabor has made an impressive donation, we would like to thank you!




@Feeds has achieved the goal of 1K Post






This or That with @Hc Jessie


Cake or Pie? 

Cake for sure !! 


Truth or Dare? 

Always dare ;)


 Winter or Summer?



Phone call or text? 

Both, I don't mind either unless I don't know you then text lol Fire or Ice?


 Fire Pizza or Spaghetti?



Beach or Pool? 

Beach, so I can get a tan


 Spongebob or Patrick? Spongebob Riches or Happiness?

 Happiness, life's greatest riches come from happiness.


 Detailed or abstract? 

Abstract and detailed are kind of the same, but as an artist I like abstract. 


Regular mode or Hardcore?

 Hardcore, love putting in work! 


Asking questions or answering questions? 

Answering questions. 


Gambling or Pvming? 

Gambling, I love cleaning people.


Helping or Mming

Helping ofcourse.


 Work Hard or Play Hard? 

I always work hard! It's the key to success homie.




























1000 Entries!








Congratulations to @E_M_C on winning POTM






Congratulations to @FloppyTech1 on winning VOTM! 







How did you find DreamScape? Let us know in the comments below!




Two in a corner, 1 in a room, 0 in a house, but 1 in a shelter. What am I?



Well first off, we are introducing a new section on the monthly, Dev's Talk that's right, our Developer is going to open their heart to the community, You can expect Sneak peek, Explanation of current update and much more. They'll be answering Question asked by the community.


Answered by @alexdkk


What do you enjoy most about developing?


Finishing a project. It feels really rewarding whenever you finish something you've been working for a long time or accomplishing something no one thought off. Another aspect of it is testing and receiving positive feedback from players.



When did you start learning programming?


If I were to include web development then around 12 years ago, otherwise soon to be 10 years. If I had to say programming was just one of my ways of accomplishing my goals.

at the time I wanted to create a pokemon community and so I started learning how to design templates/banners with photoshop and make webpages.



What kind of content do you enjoy making the most?


If rsps then definitely bosses, depending on which one you writing it can be really fun. While I was not asked, as for what I dislike the most, bug fixing, still someone has to do it



How long have you been a developer for Dreamscape or the rsps community as a whole?


As for dreamscape I've been part of the team for around 6 months now but as Rsps a lot longer. You probably can find contributions from me in almost any project. In fact the other day I found a piece of code that some developer copy pasted 3 years ago, which I had written when I was 14 years old many years ago.



What are some of the most challenging aspects of being a developer?


Having to constantly learn new aspects and technologies, sometimes being asked unreasonable goals with the excuse that someone else did it (except that someone may have been spending weeks if not months doing the mentioned project that you are asked to do in 1-3days), having to solve major issues caused by bad coding ethics, taking the blame for any issue that happens even when it's not my fault, and lastly being expected to be able to do anything even if not related to programming(makes me wonder if there is a title above full stack developer).


About current update, The BG?


we just thought that ds was missing a piece of pk content, and therefore we decided to solve that. At first, we thought about reworking wilderness but thing is a lot of custom items work on wilderness which makes that task virtually impossible

therefore we decided to go for a hunger game style 
minigame such as last man standing

but we decided last man standing was too boring

and end up in making on BG


Shout out

Oh right, There is always these times when you are asked to do pointless things. But what can I say, what's pointless to you, may not be pointless for someone else. Then, later on, I just end rolling my eyes and do it.


Well here is a sneak peeks of an upcoming update, The mist is getting true?



Dreamers, you can ask any question to the Dev, They will be answering the question on next monthly.



Yet Another Interesting feature to place up here, Staff Talks, Our community is free of asking questions related to the dreamscape, recently happened update and much over staff will be opening their heart here.


The first talk is hosted by @Ownerscape


One thing everyone loves is new content. Battle grounds has been one of my favorite mini games I've seen in any rsps. It's fast paced, fun, and allows me the chance to blow off some steam so I can get back to work helping players with a clear focus. It's also perfect for those who like PVP but don't really enjoy the wild.



I would like to give a shout out to the staff team for doing an amazing job keeping this server covered when they are able. I know there are a few of the staff who go periods of time by themselves but they are able to hold things together and that's awesome. All I can say is keep up the great work supporting the server and its players


Dreamers, you can ask any question to the Staff, They will be answering the question on next monthly.



Founder - Bench Press

Founder - Squishy

Manager - Feeds

Chief Editor - Feeds

Editor - Potentials

Reporter - Englog


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Well i think it looks great! and the question of the month.


"How did you find Dreamscape?"

I foud dreamscape a few years back just scrolling through the top 100 rsps list on google.

know what i wanted to find, just couldnt find it. It stumbled across the name "Dreamscape."

After clicking on it i read a little about it, the words "customs" goes across the screen. It was right then and there that i knew.

Still to this day even tho ive been here and had to leave for irl reasons and come back, this server is still #1 to me. 

I wouldnt or couldnt play another server.

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Question of the month:

 - I found dreamscape a little while back from the RSPS top-lists, I played it then stopped after a day and took a break from games due to college and work.

 - I then looked on the top-lists again and decided to give it another shot! here I am still playing the #1 RSPS 


Riddle: The letter R


Congratulations to everyone with promotions this month, also farewell to everyone as well, sad to see people leave Dreamscape, hope to see you all back again soon!


Some nice juicy loots / upgrades this month! keep up the awesome pvming guys.


Also it's awesome to see loads more people making videos! keep them coming. Awesome Dreamers Monthly @Potentials keep up the good work and the rest of the team!

Thanks for the mentions this month ;) 




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2 hours ago, Squishy said:

Oh poor staff, got roped into doing the newspaper cause I resigned lol.


Good paper guys, not sure how I feel about the new sections though.


Seeing as he is taking a small break with family I gladly helped him he didn't rope me in :p


Feeds is bae ;)

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27 minutes ago, FloppyTech1 said:

I find it very disrespectful that i got absolutely no credit even though i did a majority of this paper.




I'm extremely sorry, I really wanted to add up your name to the monthly, but unfortunately I wasn't here when this was posted. I'll make sure to give you a shout out on upcoming monthly. Once again sorry bud. You have provided top notch assistance on the monthly. And I really do appreciate it.

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