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Soulroom system guide+Giveaway

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Again well made, i think you showed the souls and soulroom key system off nicely.


Tips to improve:

1) Get rid of the black bars ( pm me i will set you up with better software )


2) Try using a mic to speak with your viewers.


3) shouldn't play with your little buttons so much if your going to not use a mic, or if so just speed the video up.

This makes it slower, and they are just watching to click private then public then game buttons. Personally i didnt like that part.


Overall as i said above you did make the video well. You put effort into explaining how the system works, and even

what boss is the easiest to get those souls. I myself enjoyed very much! Keep it up homie!!

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Nice video mate, I am sure this will come in a lot of use for new members / members that don't understand how the souls work, keep up the good effort bud

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