DreamUpdate[Edited 8/31] - Skills! Bug fixes and additions!

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Hello Dreamers!



Today we are bringing you some wanted updates. This includes skilling.


Below you will find the majority of the updates and changes, enjoy!







Just a sneak peak from development;)








Bank Changes:

  • Bank searching is now available and working.


Skilling Notes:

  • The slayer tasks that were showing as "Nothing" have been fixed.
  • Summoning Obelisk interface has been fixed.
  • Fletching has been fixed and fully redone. Animation/Fletching speed has been tripled.
  • Smithing now has the "Make 5" option available.
  • Smelting speed was increased.
  • More spawns were added to the Nex boss teleport.
  • Ownercapetwo zone has the additional Chaos Elementals added.


Misc. Server Notes:

  • You can now properly pm players with your private message setting set to "friends".
  • Crazy old wizards boss interface is now the same as the teleport spell.
  • Crystal Keys are now stackable.
  • Players should now show properly online/offline in your friends list.
  • Clan chat rank permissions have been fixed.
  • The items from the donation store that weren't claiming are now fixed.
  • Granite mace special will no longer disconnect you.
  • You can now drop empty vials, they will shatter upon dropping.
  • Mario Head is no longer notable.
  • 100M tickets now have a right click claim option.
  • Player owned shops will now show more listed shops.
  • Presets are now fixed and enabled.
  • Collectors necklace has a message filter option. It's option #4 when you operate.
  • Battlegrounds drop confirmation was remove.
  • Client now have a copy and paste function using ctrl +c and ctrl +v
  • Elder wand has been added to the game!
  • The Electric Katana has been added as a new drop from O.G. Dragon.




Make sure to thank that wonderful Dreamscape Development team for their hard work!


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3 minutes ago, Defiant said:

"Elder wand has been added to the game!" 1.0


Thanks for the incredible updates yet again Dev Team. ^^




Literally thought the same thing about the Elder Wand xD.


Anyways, great updates as always guys.

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The player interface looks awesome, good job guys! can't wait to get my hands on the elder wand.

Keep up the good work to the development team!

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1 hour ago, BlackheartV2 said:

Elder Wand hype I am so stoked to grind for one of those babies :P


Thanks to the devs I am always happy with updates

You mean that it wasn't a drop from Voldemort this entire time? FML

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