DreamUpdate - Updates and Fixes! - [Patch #71 - 22/August/2017]

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Hello Dreamers!



This update we bring you some well needed bug fixes and some other changes to current content,

please give our developers a hand for all their hard work improving Dreamscape!


Below you will find the majority of the updates, enjoy!






We would like to thank all the players who have helped with reporting your bugs and issues with our new

 Battle Grounds mini-game, the development team has been able to work hard to make this mini-game fun and enjoyable for everyone. Thank you all for your patience, the update changes are listed below:



 Battle Grounds is instanced

 Ancient splash delay fixed

 Stair damage reduced

 X-logging will remove you from your current game

 Spiders/Chest spawns behind the castle increased

 Meteors slowed and damage reduced

 Spider count increased




Battle Grounds is now in Beta 2.0, winning a BG game will now pay out 1T to the winner.

Thank you all for being patient and helping us make this minigame the best it can be.








Bank Changes:

  • Bank tabs will properly move items when dragging items to different spots (previously didn't work with 160 items in tab)


Skilling Notes:

  • The ore spawns at Mining/Smithing skill teleport have been fixed to re-spawn correctly.
  • Player made fires will no longer last for long periods
  • Farming has been fixed, can now pick herbs


Misc. Server Notes:

  • Clan chat tab has been fixed
  • There are now chat options right clicking player names from yell or clan chat
  • There are 2 new player shop npcs at ::market
  • Ignoring players now properly works even towards donor ranks (includes yells and clan chat)
  • Soulsplit achievement fixed
  • Some new items added to POS search
  • Extreme amulet added to the Extreme shop for 0 coins
  • Various client tweaks and fixes to help with stability/lag
  • Announcement will happen when a player wins over 1.5Q in blackjack!
  • The blue/white/black Berets have been fixed to properly be worn on head slot
  • Top Donor rank has been fixed - commands fixed
  • Client issue loading on slow downloads fixed
  • Spawnzone/Summonzone can now be used for Blackjack
  • The issue with picking up items has been fixed
  • Super Anti-poison potions work and are available in Sarah's general
  • G-maul spec fixed
  • The Vendura (raid2) safespotting has been fixed. He will now follow his target around obstacles 



Please give our developers a big thanks when you get the chance to speak with them. Enjoy the updates!

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Hey they let you put up the thread! :D, Looks great glad to see the updates. Although I'm finding myself with a bug. But I'll tell ya about it later on. Other then that..



Great work guys.

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Guest i need help   
Guest i need help
在2017/8/23 at 2:24 AM,Joeztube说:
在2017/8/23 at 2:19 AM,Ownerscape说:




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