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I know this event was originally POTW (Photo of the week) but i found it to be better to have a full months event.

This way members have more time to work on the photo, on top of participating in other events as well.

I hope this is okay with everyone



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Picture Of The Month event involves you taking beautiful pictures of DreamScape and making it look even better using various programs like: Photoshop, Online picture editors, GIMP 2, Paint.net as well as any other programs or websites to make the best looking picture to challenge your friends.




Main goal is to be creative and take your time, because in the end that is how we choose the winner.

Through creativity and looks.


To receive your reward contact HklLVwA.gif Hc Jessie







~ You need to take a picture of your location etc. of choosing.


~ You need to edit this picture. (This could be: Imgur/Ipiccy/Photoshop etc).


~ You need to send the picture to HklLVwA.gif Hc Jessie in a private message on the forums. <---- Must follow






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1) You CAN NOT submit a stock photo (meaning a photo without editing)

2) You MUST follow the monthly theme

3) The link to the image CAN NOT exceed 50 characters.

4) You can only submit pictures taken IN DREAMSCAPE.

5) The image has to be sent via a PRIVATE MESSAGE on forums to HklLVwA.gif Hc Jessie titled POTW #(current number)

 6) DO NOT show any form of inappropriate content in your entry.(does not mean you can not have fun)

      7) Voting for yourself is strictly prohibited, and will result in an instant disqualification.

8) Asking for people to vote for you or advertising your submission counts for a disqualification.


The dead line will be 12PM every month on the 20th. Voting will be discussed and winners

chosen on the 24th!


This months winning prize: 

!Blue Boxing Gloves!




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