DreamUpdate [Patch #69 - 21/July/2017]

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We are here to bring you guys this amazing update!

So many fantastic thing's and we wanna welcome you to the future of Dreamscape! 


New feature's for everyone if you don't like the new beautiful Fog we have at home 

And the brand new beautiful ground we have. 

You can do, 






We also have a very good home improvement yet again.

The floor has changed and it's improved by a lot :) !

It's something we call the #DSGANG home.

Oh what's that Tyrant's holding?!?



It's the Brand New LAVA MINIGUN!





Want one? I know you do!


Here is a very big one! We recently came out with the Shadow torva (U)

Here's the Thread for that one if you're a little bit behind.


Now since the recent updates, Chaos has arrived in town!



Chaos pieces full set gives 10% Drop rate & 7.5% Double drop

You're able to Obtain this by using " Elemental Helmet/Elemental Platebody/Elemental Platelegs "

And throwing those things into the Upgrade chest.





First and Foremost!

We are having everyone have a FORCE password reset!

You'll see this when you first log into game and everything is said there.

Please a big thing on Dreamscape is Security. We want everyone's accounts to be safe.




We also have MUSIC! now on Dreamscape,

We have Different MUSIC at different in Dreamscape.

Go to ur settings and adjust the Volume!

Go hear the Jams around Dreamscape :) !



  • Abyssal Tentacle now has the same stats as OSRS V Added more OP items to be restricted
  • Full screen chat colors has been changed.
  • Reduce Client lag by %5
  • Blackjack hosting gap has been increased to (5Q)
  • When rolling dice bag manually you will no longer receive message saying "Your text contains an unacceptable symbol..."
  • Dice bag manually rolling now shows proper graphics & animation
  • Corrected dice bag error message when non-ranked (was Trusted dicer, changed to Trusted host)
  • Corrected rotations for Elemental pieces (Helm, Body, Legs)
  • Corrected rotations for Chaos pieces (Helm, Body, Legs)
  • Changed dice-duel lose animation from death to cry (death is too long, makes your account invisible for 3 seconds or more)





Also everyone please give a Big hand and thank the Development team!

@Tyrant @Alex

They've spent days, and long night's working on these and future update's.



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Nice update, was hoping to see Oblivion set stats fixed to be much better than Inga (Currently isn't, even with the magic bonus), as it's been an known issue. 

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What a phenomonal DreamUpdate! Amazing new features! A great variety of settings to choose from!  Great additions and countless bug fixes! Thank you to the dedicated DS Development Team @Tyrant @alexdkk who i can't thank enough, working alongside our amazing DreamScape Founder/Owner @Chuckand to all of our outstanding staff members/managers @vl0ne The list goes on! Thanks to everyone, and i will be keeping my eyes alert for the next DreamUpdate! 

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This seems like one of the best updates. I am sure you guys had the Full screen chat change and BJ table increase in mind already so i do not take credit for that. But it still shows that you guys are taking people's opinions into consideration. I would love to see more Quality of Life (Smaller fixes) happening while we wait for the big updates! Will better the server that much more as we progress to adding more things to our amazing server! Thank you for the update! 


Please look into a way of being able to ignore pets when you walk! It will help the server out a lot!

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