DreamUpdate [Patch #68 - 15/July/2017]

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This weekend we're bringing you guys a new update while we haven't brought in something too big we still strive to keep updates

on weekly basis to provide as many improvements and adjustments as we can when BIGGER and EXCITING updates are on the way..



So jumping into the interesting part, without further ado, here's the most recent updates:


Bug Fixes

  • 'Use the Soulsplit prayer' achievement has been fixed
  • Presets has been patched
  • Specific items visual glitch fixes (Such as American Pernix cowl)
  • Special attack toggling is now smoother and feels more sensitive (Before it would sometimes not react)
  • Dharok's special effect has been fixed, and should now work accordingly to its original formula
  • Teleportation graphic fixes
  • Clue scrolls which are combat-related have been patched
  • Fixed the safespot on 'joinraid2'
  • Added multi-zone on 'joinraid3'
  • Several more bug fixes which could potentially be harmful are patched



  • Z-Buffering (Known as Depth buffering) is a client factor whom in charge of rendering the game proportionally, this should help us
    on improving many visual glitches
  • Fog system
  • We now offer promotional keywording for people who come for YouTubers (For more information do not hesitate to ask a staff member)
  • Oblivion Dragon area has been redesigned
  • Altars has been relocated for easier access
  • Added alot more mob spawns for different zones: Penguins (::mbox), Shadow King, Icy Skeleton, Magegray, Phoenix, ::starterboss




















This week as you guys saw we broke our records and went beyond expectations as we hit the 300 players online concurrently,

which yet again, shows us how big of a wonderful community we are and is a major reason why to motivate us to keep bringing you guys

the best we can with top notch updates!


Best regards,

@DS Development Team

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