DreamUpdate [Patch #67 - 07/July/2017] ~ Pk Presets!

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The Bigger the better!

This update we've brought you something that's incredible!

We now Have Preset's Added into game, where you can even SETUP your own PK set.




Also some very cool animations have been added to bosses, where now when you attack.




Incredible Animation's from the boss actually hit's you back now.

and also the OSRS Hit marker's pop up the correct numbers.



Here also we have a ton of Client Update's aswell to Improve the lag,

And also to Improve the Combat.


  • Client Performance we've Reduced the lag by %25
  • Also we have the Granite maul doing it's job perfectly.
  • Potions have been fixed, and the delayed time is as it's support 
  • The spec's delay on PK have been fixed.
  • Mobs damage before reduction no longer reduced if player lower on HP
  • Soul-split improved to absorb damage from 50% all the way to 85% The lower your HP, The more it Absorb's.
  • Fox mask has been fixed.
  • Special weapon changing has been fixed.
  • Improved client memory usage further
  • Client issue with slow downloads
  • fixed issue with launcher/client using IPV6 when network not supported on some computers
  • OSRS Hitstyle as now been added As well.
  • OSRS Hitmarks has been Added As well.
  • Improved NPC player hitting and NPC attacking
  • Improved FPS by %10
  • Improved bank search
  • Ascension Cbow has been Fixed


We've also added many More, but those are the Major things.

Here's a little peak at the Incredible Pet we've added for a player.

Ever wanted A custom Pet, Contact a Manager+ For the Currect Information on It.

Or even Visit or Current Thread about our Custom Item's. 








Also , as someone join's the server.

Please Welcome them to Dreamscape, and Be kind as always :)!




This update is a Little Preview, of everything we have done.

This is Just the Beginning to PVP As well

We're not just done yet.




Please Everyone Thank the Whole Dreamscape Development team for This,

Update. They've worked there Tales off for this.





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I see a transformer, Overall great update glad to see things rolling in :).

Keep up the good work guys :D


~Hc Yvez

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