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Drop Rates - Full proper explaination on how they work!

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As often being asked about drop rates and the way it works, it is the simplest thing to explain, however, sometimes it might be a struggle to understand and I believe having the below explanation may clear out things for everyone.


Note: The drop rates (% or 1:x) are not officially posted and only estimated, or given their difficult lootation rate (I.E Ultra Rare Drop).

Note: The drop rates are known as of Out of chance (I.E 1:512)

Note: The Drop rate bonus of yours can be found on the Quest tab.

Note: This isn't a guide of the mechanics of the system - It explains how the system picks a loot.


Table of Contest:

  • 1:x (I.E 1:100) = "Out of" - This is how the guide will refer to the given calculation
  • x% (I.E 5%) = "Percentage" - This is how the guide will refer to the given calculation


So before we start off, you should know that Out of is the same as Percentage, and it can be swapped by the following simple math:


From "Out of" to "Percentage":

  • Converting 1:5000 to its Percentage: 100 / 5000 = 0.02%
    100 = The main factor, which is not being changed (It is always stays 100 because we try to get the percentage out of 100%).
    5000 = The Out of chance we are converting.
    0.02 = The end result of the Percentage of this Out of chance

From "Percentage" to "Out of":

  • Converting 0.02% to its Out of chance: 100 / 0.02 = 5000
    100 = The main factor, which is not being changed (It is always stays 100 because we try to get the percentage out of 100%).
    0.02 = The Percentage we are converting
    5000 = The end result of the Out of chance of this Percentage



Now that we pretty much know the very basic calculation, we can move onto explaining the actual system.


Every drop has a drop rate.

Some drops are guaranteed upon killing a mob (I.E Bones) which has a 100% (1:1) chance of dropping.

Some drops such as key fragments are calculated differently with different factors HOWEVER your drop rate bonus factor DOES effect and may improve the

chance of obtaining it.



How does the system picks a loot?

For this example, we are going to have an item with a drop rate of 1% (1:100) that is obtained from the Royal monster (it does not really exist).


My Drop rate bonus factor: 25.00%

Royal Sicle - Drop rate: 1% (1:100).


Upon killing the Royal monster, the system will calculate and modify the final drop rate occurring your Drop rate bonus factor, the way it works follows this simple math calculation:


"Out of" * ((100 - My Drop rate bonus factor) / 100) = Final Drop rate

So in our example:

100 * ((100 - 25) / 100) = Final Drop rate

100 * 0.75 = Final Drop rate = 75


Hence, the final drop rate would be 1:75


But okay Tyrant, now that we know how the drop rate is calculated, how does the system works like?


So basically, the chance for getting this drop is as simple as it sounds, 1 out of 75.

To show you guys a more dynamic and friendly way of how it works, imagine we have a box of balls:


* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * *

* * * * *


As you can see, there are 75 balls overall. 1 of them being a Green ball, which is the one that if we pulled out of this box,

that means we will get this drop. The rest are 74 Blue balls, which basically represents any other drop such a common or uncommon.


Just imagine this as in a real situation: you have the same chance to pull the Green ball as you would with any other of the balls.

So sometimes you could pull it on the first try, the other time it could take you many more times.


Something that needs to be cleared out because people have a miss understanding there:

Lets stay on the same example with the balls;

How it works is that we pull a ball, if its green we won, if not, we put it back there (so there are still 75 balls)

With that being said, that means that when you kill a mob you will roll a 1:75 chance to obtain the Royal Sicle loot.

The chance does not change every kill you have, so it always stays at 1:75.


People been thinking that you are guaranteed to receive a drop every 75 kills, however, it is not how it works. it would work if we did not put back the balls in the box.




So there you go guys, now you hopefully have a better understanding of this friendly and simple guide.

Hope you will find it useful.











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Wow! Thank you so much Tyrant,

There's multiple people that ask for this and you making this now explains everything.

It's apprciated.

Everyone who really doesn't understand this is a great guide on how to learn the 1/100.

And if there's anything else you need more help with of learning this Just ask us we'll help you.


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But daddy, the green ball is towards the top so if i reach in to grab a ball in a box. It would be 1:10 chances of getting it.


On a real note. It is a superb guide i guess you can call it. I think they drop chances of things are a myth and people can go 90k kills dry. It is all about RNG. The drop chances just shows how LIKELY you are to get one but not guarantee that you will get one at x amount of kills. Great stuff.

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