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Dear Dreamscape Community,


This will be a NEW event on the Dreamscape Forums.

I want to try out different things, and then see what works out well, and what doesn't.

So therefore i'm hosting this event! I'll be hosting more events the upcoming weeks so be alert for that!




What do you need to do? And how is this going to work? Well, let me explain this to you all...

There will be 3 items in this event that you can use.


Choose 1 of the 3 items, and write a story about it. The story itself will be made 100% to your own preferences.

So if you want to make a quote about it, then you make a quote with the item it. 

If you want to write a fairytale about it, then don't hesitate and write one.

Or just an oldschool story about a crazy korasi sword that can speak, and tells the most hilarious jokes about a staff member his inactivity. So you can choose what you want to write about it.






The most important ingredient of this event, are the 3 items, which will also be the prizes!

Everytime that we host this event, the prizes will be different, so don't worry that this will become boring.



'The Darkly Spirit Shield' or Spirit Shield




'The Soulflare'





'The Blue Deathcape' or Deathcape



If there are any questions regarding this event, then sent me a private message or you can also comment if you like.

I want to wish everyone goodluck in this event, and I can't wait to see what you guys are gonna come up with!


Please make me laugh!!

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Once again thanks @Bench Pressfor boosting up the forums with creative works. I'm pretty sure every players is going to join the story telling event.


I personally will be editing these post and will add up my story or quote.


I can't wait to read a bunch of incredible stories.



Quote -

A magegray without soulflare is like a car without breaks.


Story -

Once an old warrior intended to get a sprit shield, he decided to hunt for it.Finally after researching how/where to get it, he was told it's dropped by the beast named corp, And to obtain the sprit shield, the monster has to be slayed, So the warrior set mission to find corp and kill it, he was warned the corp is located in the wilderness, where brave warriors fears to step on, Cuz' of deathly monster,flash eating humans hot volcanoes and so on. The warrior had fear in heart! Eventually he had only one mission to accomplish that was to get the sprit shield, he stepped forward on the dark showing bravery and started walking through the dark jungle searching for the corp, Boom he found a spiritual ghost.He was pretty scared the ghost said booooooo booooooo, at last he remembered he should wear ghost amulet to talk, he pulled out it from the backpack! Worn it. Asked the ghost where is the corporeal beast! I have come to slay it and get the sprit shield! The ghost warned him it's located beneath us, there is a way and I can take you there. The warrior roared take me! Ghost warned only true warrior made to it. None has come back. The warrior said I'm here to slay it, And I will do it. Ghost took the warrior to cave where corp is located.The warrior got shocked by seeing the ultimate beast with decided it's a do or die. I must get the shield. He entered, the corp started attacking the warrior,dodging,running after an huge devastating fight. THE WARRIOR SLAYED THE BEAST, and it dropped darkly sigil and a sprit shield.The warrior screamed yay! And returned to the ghost,Ghost said it's unbelievable as no one has ever come back from the cave, once entered warrior laughed and said I'm not like others.I had rage/vengeance and I have decided to take out it on the beast.Which truly helped me to victory but I was wondering what shall I do with darly sigil asked the warrior, Ghost replied I don't know! You can return to your town and ask your people.The warrior thanked and started walking back to his town! People screaming cheering n welcoming him, without any response to them he rushed to see an old legend named @Potentialsfor enquiring about dark sigil, so potentials suggest him to use the sigil on sprit shield.It didn't worked, he said you should get blessing of. The sprit shield to use it! The warrior rushed to altar used the sprit shield on the altar.Yes! It got blessed.Now once again he tried using the dark sigil on it and kaboom it got attached to it and naming it darly sprit shield! The one and only person holding it on his town making him known among the community and he's name was "Feeds"

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Yeah well, once i've always wished for, was a soulflare back in the days in 2016. 

It was worth alot and my irl friend borrowed me some gear to pvming, so i went to magegray at like 47 kc. 

I was killing them shortly, untíll i saw so many people spam gz in the yells.

I didn't realize what happened, but i got the soulflare drop at 72 kc, which i really got surprised of.

Although my friend came back, was going to give the items back, and then i showed him the soulflare, and he freaked out legit, he called me and was like "WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR RNG OMG" 


We had a little laugh haha, it's funny how RNG can depend on so many things. 


Good luck anybody who participates :)

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                             The Adventures Of The Athene



In the ancient year of 2015, the last month had begun. It was December 2nd and the gods of Dreamscape, had released a new weapon The Soulflare. The Soulflare legends had said that wielding the weapon would give you unparalleled magical power among the mortal men….. but to become the wielder of this weapon, you would have to slay the Wizard Grayzag. This man was an almighty wizard having the power to drain your prayer and kill you on the spot. After killing the wizard you had a chance for the wizard to grant mercy to your soul and give you the power of the soulflare. You may ask, how this was possible if he had died shouldn’t have I gotten his items? See this wizard never truly died he was simply incapacitated for the time being, he would always return. Even knowing all this one man took up the challenge. Crazy it seems but this man was ready. His name Athene.

Chapter Two

Athene was ready he had been preparing for months on end for this moment. In his bank he had withdrawn his faithful American torva, ice katana, and also drygore offhand, gold chain and also white glass wings. He puts all his equipment on. Finally he’s back in the bank he takes out 20 super restores and 2 overloads. He has finally finished setting up. He yells out ::Magegray. The world goes upside down and he is teleported in to the wizards arena. He pots up, turns on his soulsplit and readies himself for the long awaited battle. He starts the battle attack the wizard. The wizard drains his prayer it drops to 46, 20 , and finally 5. Athene was at a lost he had known the prayer drain was strong but he never knew it would be like this, but then it finally hit him the wizard needed some time to charge up his power in that time he could drink his restores and have his prayer up in a jiffy. A long time passes as the wizard is finally defeated the spoils he gets are long awaited…. 10million gold and a spirit shield. He realizes this will take a extremely long time to get the legendary weapon. He sets up for a long grind. After 100 more defeats for the wizard Athene was becoming demotivated but he pressed on. Another 300 had passed he finally hit 400 defeats for the wizard but no Soulflare. He had finally decided he would do 50 more kills before finally doing something else.

Chapter Three


That was the amount of defeats the wizard had when he had judged Athene worthy of his weapon. On 422 the legendary soulflare had dropped for him. He Yelled with screams of joy and excitement. See This weapon had made him a rich and powerful man now. He was ready to take on the world. He would return home now with the powerful weapon in hand, the world would know who he was.


After acquiring the legendary weapon he would go back to the wizard and stay there to get more of his weapons to sell to the people of dreamscape. He would stay for another 50,000 fights to see if he would get anymore of the weapon. He would eventually be given another 19 soulflares. In the end he would end up being a rich and powerful man




PS ( I’m not very good at writing but this was my “best” attempt)

PPS ( Athene if you don’t want your name on here pm me ill change the name and all that jazz)

PPPS(This was a struggle) YEEEEET  i wanted to name this originally the dank adventures of the soulflare but i ended up writing about athene lmafo.. Gl everyone :)


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Once Upon A Time, In the beginning of the Land they called Dreamscape a man named Nick had an amazing white and blue cape. He thought It was cool but he needed a few adjustments to it to make it even better. He said what if, I take the mighty blue dragons wings, and attach them too my cape! If he did that, they he would be the most feared player in DreamScape. His quest began, He ran through the wilderness killing bosses such as Vorago, Vertigo and finally reached the blue dragon. With a combat level of 1337, and Nicks combat level only at 121 he was afraid he had no chance. He decided to use his mighty battle axe, and hit so high at that dragons head, it came right off. He jumped on top of the mighty beast and tore the wings right from its back. He then took the wings and attached them to the cape. As Nick headed back into town the towns people of Dreamscape and turned their heads noticing how amazing his cape was. After that day, the blue death cape had its name as it is known today.

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Once Upon A Time, near Port Phasmatys, came someone new to live in the abadoned town, his name was Wizard Grayzag. He was a very unique wizard only becouse of his legendary staff named 'Soulflare', but he saw adventurers come to kill him for his legendary weapon, but the wizard had a trick up his sleeve. He was a very wise wizard so he knew some tricks that nobody could beat and that is he learned to clone himself by the power of the true soulflare, the clones have soulflares but they are far weaker than the original one, some people say that the true wizard is roaming around making new clones every day.

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So this story will be about our LEADER Zeven and how he took SOULFLARE  from some old wizard who used it as can opener, dont ask way.. but if u want to know that wizard was crazy like Bench Press wtih all COOL events :P. So one day Zeven wanted to get that SOULFLARE from wizard, because SOMEONE dont know how to open cans... or asnwer to pm.. so he went to that wizards tower and asked if he can get in and wizard let him in, YH  that wizard was crazy to let in some crazy dude who got 20k * GZ with that * So when Zeven went in he asked wizard if he  can get SOULFLARE, wizrard  said if he will do CLUE SCROLL he will get it.Zeven got his Scroll and went to do them But first task was bugged so he had just quit and he did that.. But he wanted to open that can but yh life problems.. He want at night to steal Soulflare because he had 121 LVL in stealing he was like  NINJA and get in at wizard tower easy like killing goblin. Wizard was a sleep so Zeven took SF and ran like wind. When he was home he wanted to open that can but like all new things SF didint have a tip on how to use it he EXPLODED that can and then he made DS because life  was one big problem and easy way to fix it was to add THAT SF to his made server to see how other will enjoy farming it and that end of story who was just OKEY.

PS  text  isnt  my friend.. so yh and i know its not logic but meh xD

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TY again @Bench Press for hosting another amazing event!!! GLto everyone!!!!


Quote of the year:

"A soul flair is what happens when someone shines their light,  no 
matter what it is. In a song, a smile or a good ass Blunt, they send 
out a flare of light that inspires others to shine their own. 

Soul flares make the world better. "

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Chosen narrative -  Fairytale


Fairy tale - 


The Soulflare, a legendary weapon like no other. It is said to be the head of a mystical fire-breathing dragon that once ruled over a mighty kingdom known as Soulborne, frozen in time and transfixed to a mythical ebony black metal. It is, by all means, one of a kind. It's wielder and whereabouts remain unknown till this very day.


This magical weapon was powerful beyond even what can possibly be imagined, and as a result, many have tried and failed to replicate it. One wizard, however, by the name of Grayzag was the only one till date to have been able to create one. Grayzag spent decades pouring through every resource, recount and recollection of the Soulflare just to get the clearest idea of what it was, as many hadn't the faintest. He spent years gathering the purest metal and training under some of the most skillful and weathered blacksmiths, some of whom had witnessed the Soulflare first hand. But still, Grayzag's replicate missed an intricate and unique piece of the Soulflare, that which has yet to be identified. It is inferior by all definitions of the word to the true Soulflare, but do not mistake this for weakness. Despite being inferior, Grayzag's version of the Soulflare should not be taken to lightly, and neither should Grayzag. For thousands upon millions have tried to take what rightfully belongs to Grayzag, leaving Grayzag no choice but to slaughter them. However, Grayzag could only do so for so long before his weathered body gave up and forced him to retreat, leaving a warrior with his Soulflare. Though Grayzag was weakened, he was not finished. Before long, Grayzag was back again with another of his Soulflares, strong as ever. And so were the warriors who wanted it. 

For the hundreds of years to come, Grayzag would defend his place and his Soulflare, before his body would again give up. Before long, he would be back. This meant that only the mighties and the most deserved warriors wielded Grayzag's Soulflares, a fact that Grayzag had grown accustomed to. He had decided somewhere in the middle of his endless tirade that if any warrior were to be worthy to wield one of his Soulflares, it would be the mightiest and most wise of all the warriors. As the years went on, the warriors got smarter, inventing new ways to outmatch Grayzag. Grayzag, a wise and powerful wizard, kept up and had a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. 


The saga of the wizard Grayzag is not over, for he resides in what is now known as the Grayzag Fortress somewhere deep in the hearts of DreamScape. Every day hundreds of warriors pour in for his Soulflare, and only a handful leave alive, let alone with the bounty they came for. 


Of the many incredulous details his story has to offer, how he manages to create more and more of his Soulflares is one of the most well-guarded secrets of this time. Till date, he has sworn to die rather than give it up. Of any of his prized possessions, this is one that seems completely unattainable. 


Perhaps, the only one who is capable of attaining it is the wielder of the original Soulflare. He has yet to show his face in hundreds of millenia, so it is unlikely to ever happen in any of our lifetimes.

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Chosen narrative -  Fairytale


A long time ago, probably about two or three days ago this dude named Garry swept blissfully across the sea into the sunset. Now this guy Garry, he had two other friends. I will talk about them when the time comes. So Garry this stoner guy he really enjoyed getting stoned and slaying dragons. He enjoyed it so much that he had made smoking pieces out of the dragon bones and scales, he also somehow made lighters out of their teeth with I guess the thing they use to let them breath fire, its actually pretty damn cool. But anyway he was getting pretty ripped off his own grown pot and he was stumbling around slaying some Ghouls and some Skeletons. Now this guy he is really stoned, so the skeletons and ghouls started to over power him. Right as they get him on the ground and are about to rip him limb from limb out of no where comes a mystical mage named Aragreth had used his mighty Soulflare on the skeletons and ghouls that are surrounding Garry boy. Now this fight lasts about two hours or so because there is too many damn ghouls and skeletons and they start growing tired. Garry ends up getting wounded by one of the skeleton generals and is nearly out for the count when Aragreth uses his soulflare one last time on the enemies and just obliterates them all. Now that the fight is over they take a break, smoke a bowl or two and recover from their battle and begin their journey towards the forgotten land of Grettzaland. They had heard from a bounty hunter that there is a demonic dragon called Myzephindor who's bones give some magical power when used as a smoking item. Now this is just a tall tale, but Garry and Aragreth believed the cunning bounty hunter and moved on their way to Grettzaland. As they travel the road of Ten Thousand Souls they run across a Rogue Archer named Lazarith. Lazarith had a pretty smoking body since she was an Archer, she had to stay fit. So Garry and Aragreth thought, "What the hell, she could probably be some use to us." So she had agree'd to join them on their journey to Grettzaland. Three days had passed since they had spoke with the bounty hunter, so they thought they should rest and set up camp, smoke some herb, eat some food, and sleep for the night. But during the night a thief had entered their campsite and stole their food and ran off without a trace. The next day Garry had looked through his bag to find all of his munchies had been stolen as well as Aragreth and Lazarith's bags. They had to search for food in the forest setting up traps, to possibly catch a bunny or a squirrel something to help them get on their way back to Grettzaland. Several hours had passed with no luck in catching any type of food so they decided to move on up the road towards the forgotten land. A couple miles up the road they had seen a traveler walking along the side. They had asked him for some food to spare and he darted down the path away from them, now the three of them had thought it strange that he would start running away from them so they chased after the traveler to see why he had ran. When they caught up with him he had pulled out his dagger and started attacking them, so the three of them fought back. Being an archer Lazarith was still behind Garry and Aragreth and had noticed the traveler was attacking them so she pulled out her bow and arrow and shot an arrow off hitting the traveler in the middle of his eye brows. Being curious Garry had searched through the travelers corpse and bag to find the three friends food! The traveler was the one that had stolen their food in the middle of the night. So they take another break to catch their breath and eat a little bit, then continue their journey for Grettzaland. Five more days had passed as they finally reached the passage to Grettzaland, there are skulls and bones surrounding the entire area, smoke coming from the top of the mountain. As they enter the passage they had heard a loud roar come from a tunnel in the mountain. Garry had decided to check it out, but being good friends Aragreth and Lazarith didn't want to leave Garry to check it alone. They are exploring the cave where they heard the loud roar from, but they hear the roar again, but this time it was even louder so they move close and close to the roars. As they reach a huge opening in the tunnel the ground starts to shake, being smart Garry hides behind a rock along with Aragreth and Lazarith. They peek their heads over the rock to see an enormous dragon walking through the tunnel looking for food. Garry thinks to himself, "This must be Myzephindor, The bounty hunter was right about this dragon, I should be careful fighting this beast." Without time to make a plan the dragon crushes the rock the three are hiding behind and eats Aragreth alive. Garry and Lazarith are frightened but their instincts come into play and they run with the dragon chasing after them spitting fire down the halls. Garry and Lazarith had made it outside the cave with the dragon still behind them. As Lazarith runs back for cover Garry wields his Sword and Shield and begins to fight the dragon while Lazarith provides covering fire from a distance. The dragon gets good blows on Garry scratching him up a bit but as the dragon swings Garry swoops in past his claw and takes his sword piercing it right through Myzephindor's heart killing him. Garry runs back away from the collapsing dragon to not be squished by him as Lazarith runs back to Garry they watch as the dragon continues to collapse. Hours pass, Garry had finished skinning the dragon, carving its bones, and making new armor out of its scales. Lazarith walks up to him from her tent with a bone made bong from the leg of Myzephindor. They begin talking about the powers the great dragon had during their fight and that they are lucky to have survived. As they both smoke from the Leg Bong of Myzephindor they get a whole lot more stoned than they usually would from past dragon pieces. They are talking to each other what power the dragon bones should have as the bounty hunter did not explain what powers they would have, when they both just decide to lay back on the grass in each others arms and just enjoy the sunset. They never did truly find out what the powers the dragon had but they didn't care as long as they were with each other, fighting side by side.


Welp. I know this story looks like it was written by a 10 year old but hey thought why the hell not and gave it a try. Thank you for reading hopefully y'all enjoyed it. I did mention the soulfare in here if you cand find it but its there. lmao

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The Realm of Dreams

     The landscape as you see it now was once prosperous with fields of marigolds and roses alike. The air filled with smells of morning grass and dew, along with the sun shining all over the land of Gielinor. That was but a long time ago, when the triumphant warrior worthy of the title Knight, had failed to prevent the Oncoming Convergence. Now this land is desolate with various lost souls belonging to many creatures of the once lush fields, and beings from another realm are filled with negative power, with some even making recreational arenas or dungeons to merely pass the time. Yet one thing has remained absolute throughout all the conflict, the Spirit Shield.


     Chapter 1: Prelude Into Hysteria

     It all starts with our noble adventurer, Reign, as he comes about in search of better equipment for his upcoming fight with his rival, Blight. These two warriors had no malicious intents for one another, for their rivalry was merely a means to become powerful with the help of a friend. Reign is currently in the Creature Caves, slaying the beast known as Barrelchest in hopes of the coveted Brutal Whip. While in his quest, he comes across a mysterious man who caught his interest with his tale.

     "I know of a way for you to enhance your weapons, becoming as powerful as the Soulflare of which Grayzag has in possession." The man quietly presented with a hint of insanity embedded. "Follow me, and I shall make sure your slaying days will become something of the past, for you will have no need of these simple monsters."

     "Interesting, to say the least. If I shall come, I should do it with no possessions of mine at any risk." Reign boldly states with pride in his equipment, reminiscing the time he has had with them.

     "I assure you, your knightly nostalgia will not come into harm."

     "Very well. One thing I might ask, what is your name?"

     "Call me Maru."

     The mere statement of an upgrade had piqued his interest, but soon after they arrive only at the entrance of The Ditch, Blight comes across the two, warning Reign of the dangers that lied beyond The Ditch. As luck would have it, Reign saw this as an occasion to test out his current strength of where it stands. With his vanity in tact, Reign dismissed his warnings for only has rivalry banter.

     "Be weary of the Darkly Spirits that roam about!" Blight yelled at the two, having paused slightly in the middle and shuddered. He gave off the impression of uncomfortable silence, yet he still remained adamant about his warnings.

Something shadowy exits Maru's hood as they enter The Ditch.

     "I have seen many things in my lifetime, but never someone as mysterious enough as this man to have something worthy of power in The Ditch." Reign thinks as he sees past the many translucent figures of the tunnel. "To think that this otherworldly cave would have something that would give me power to possess that of which even rivals even the Soul Flare."


     Chapter 2: Revelations of a Mad Man

     With no regrets holding him back, Reign transcends into another Realm of Existence. He has seen this realm before, and he was told that it was the Realm of Dreams. One which many things are able to exist with no purpose and no repercussions unlike the Realm of Corporal. The only issue with his mind and soul passing into another realm is the unbounded strength given to him, which he has experienced once during his early adventuring days. Along with that strength came a presence which made his more noticeable, the sounds emitted from his contact are ten times as loud for the unnatural particles disperse much more violently.

     Now with their bodies cast into a realm of unpredictable circumstances, Reign starts to notice several things that are different from his last time exploring here. The path to the center of the crater had been brushed off by some sort of blunt object. The grey sun that presides over the land has turned into a black one, which casts a darker atmosphere that feels heavier than the one given off by silence in a public meeting. As they venture deeper into the center, he notices that Maru has not been speaking, let alone making any noise around him. Then he wonders why he has been wearing that cloak from the first time he has seen him. He makes an observation, with the two being quiet for five minutes, and finds that shadows have been surrounding his presence the whole time. To not make things awkward, he tries to pry things out of this man more than he has done himself.

     "I can't believe my luck. To think that this barren land had any use to my interests. Even other adventurers have told me that nothing was of worth here, for gear and experience anyway."

     "You and those others have just not been looking at this place the right way." Maru speaks ominously with a much different tone than his previous speakings. "I just needed some one 'brave' enough to venture on with me."

     As they arrive at the center of the crater, Reign finally puts together his thoughts on this Mysterious Man. Having confidence in his ability, he reassures himself that he will be able to overcome any obstacles that come with his confrontations.

     "I think I have decided on something." He speaks as Maru turns around and grins. "This power you speak of, it gives me strength, yes. You said my item would have no change in them, but I failed to see now than before, that I myself would change immensely. I first thought of this as the incantations from Curses said such as the infamous Turmoil Prayer, but this has something that feels different."

     "It would be a shame if you were to...," Maru promptly takes off his cloak and reveals the spirits bounded and enslaved around him as he yields the Spirit Shield, "disappear from this realm now. We have much to do, foolish one." He threatens Reign with his true intents.

     "I knew something was strange from the moment you had interacted with Blight! His different attitude, the spirits that were faintly around him, those were all your doing?"

     "It is too late for any do overs, let alone any fix ups. I had used your rival's soul to tempt you into coming here. Knowing your pride and rivalry with him would only escalate your intense curiosity, my plans had been secured right when you crossed over The Ditch. Now you think you could stop me?"

     "I will stop you from taking my soul and using it for evil. Whatever it is that you have planned, it will not come into fruition!" Reign claims with a solid stance, as he prepares his Staff of Mist with an incantation of Magic. As he prepares his attack, Maru puts up his hands and yells the following:


     Chapter 3: The Words of God

Hear me Forgotten Gods of Gielenor! I have brought the last piece of righteousness! With his will of iron, he will be the fifth sacrifice for your plans of resurrection! Come now and bestow the power upon us and leave me with infinite Wisdom!

     As Reign casts his Waves of Fire, they quickly dissipate with the sudden change in atmosphere. The sun wavers from complete void into a blinding supernova with which no soul may escape from. Beams of pure energy pour into the Realm of Dreams, and as they are cast onto the fields, immense beings of darkness fly towards the center of the crater. Along with the souls surrounding Maru, the beings of darkness and Reign are quickly sealed off into Spirit Shield which presided over the center of the crater. As every last beam of pure energy vanishes from the Realm of Dreams, the Spirit Shield starts to shake with immense power that cracks the floor of the realm. With the ground shaking, the light spiritual color of the shield had turned into a darkly presence of which the sun previously held, and the ripples of realms plastered on the shield became more defined than they ever were. The last quake had stopped and everything became quiet.

     Maru still stands near the center of the crater, with a look of triumph on his face. He had accomplished his goal of serving the Forgotten Ones, and now he promptly waits for his award. Not even a second later, the floor of the crater begins to crack and the environment surrounding the shield begins to waver into reality, and alas Maru did not experience the intellect of which he sought, for that very award was his demise. The Wisdom which was bestowed upon him was the ancient knowledge of all the beings residing in the Spirit Shield. This was granted by the only way possible, with his soul becoming trapped within the plethora of shadows converging within the shield. 

     The white ripples of realms become whole as they start to warp around the lands which gave it power. Quickly as the souls were drained of their freedom, the Realm of Reality begins to shudder with a hole in the fabric of celestial laws. Way up north, near the ocean of dread, a sanctuary honoring the creators of the lands of Gielenor start to ripple out of existence as the Spirit Shield used for prayer and worship becomes darkly. Within the outskirts of Varrock and Edgeville, everything changes and morphs into deathly plants, lands, and creatures. As living beings and buildings caught in the radius of the change are swiftly merged with their realm counterparts, creatures from the Realm of Dream discover the hole in fabric of celestial laws and take advantage of the gateway that has been made. 

     Once used for shielding the people of any otherworldly presences and to maintain peace among the realm, is now bringing the end of an era that will impact the growth of the Realm of Reality. Along with all the lives and cultures lost with the Oncoming Convergence, came a new breed of sickly monsters that are more ferocious than the last. With these creatures of the dreams are the Forgotten Gods that reside in the Darkly Spirit Shield. Their presence becomes readily aware in the land of Gielenor and after the events that transpired, adventurers seeking glory wish to conquer this new land and become the first of many to control the powers that reside within. The land which has changed forever the Realm of Reality was promptly named The Wilderness, for its unprecedented levels of power shocked the natives in reality. The object which had caused all this is now waiting to take its next victim, with which some have only come across rarely on flight and have named it The Darkly Spirit Shield.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my short fairytale, but I did plan on making this thing longer. Oh well.

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once upon a time.. there was a mage named gray zog... he got killed and he dropped his soulflare.

I was walking in a dark cave and I found a spirit shield.. so I named it darkly spirit shield.

gl all! ign bassampk

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Origin of the soulflare


Once there was two warriors named the Black swordman and the other named the Hawk of Light were both the mightiest of the land, Between the two of them they led the strongest armies, and could best opponents that had three times the numbers. A simple mercenary band of warriors that could conquer full armies, and kingdoms. Years of wars with unthinkable odds and they always had the upper hand.


After countless wars and battles, They eventually got the point of becoming nobles. They won a war with 200 men against an army of over 5000, they were both master strategists.

One of them, the hawk was not only a master of war, but a master of persuasion.


He eventually got into the noble Family and married the princess of the Kingdom, his heart as black as coal. Only using her to increase his own Rank


Eventually the hawk got greedy, And didn't want anyone to be the his equal. The hawk challenged the Black swordsman and said "If I win, you must serve below me" The black swordsman was disgusted, He accepted the challenge and ended up getting the upper hand and winning.


The black swordsman simply said nothing and walked away, feeling betrayed on what his old friend tried to do to him.


The hawk was furious, He travelled the land in search of a weapon that could defeat the Black swordsman to reclaim his own warped honour. Eventually he found Magegray. It took countless amounts of people to overpower this sorcerer but they won and The hawk claimed his weapon, the soulflare.

This weapon was corrupted after being taken by someone so evil.


The hawk now searches the lands to get his revenge, Soulflare in hand.

Although it's a classic good versus evil, The one with the soulflare has the upper hand, or does he?


The black swordsman sits in silence in the cold dark rain, willing to do anything to overcome this evil. He is slowly losing hope but he looks at his sword and it gives him some comfort despite the rain and hopelessness, He still has a fire deep down burning him.


The hawk will go to any lengths to best everyone, His endgoal is to be the ruler of the whole world, refusing to let anyone be better then him, using his own friends as chess pieces,  He has no soul and no empathy for anyone. This can only make him more dangerous.


The hawk starts to gather his armies, With his new weapon, nobody stands a chance. However with his soul being so corrupt and evil, His appearance differs otherwise, He looks calm and friendly shining blue eyes and no emotion, He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He slowly takes over other kingdoms, and recruits the best army. People start calling him the Shining hawk, like a savior of sorts.


The black swordsman is the only hope, but nobody realises this, but all odds stacked against him. Literally the whole world is against him, and he's not the evil one.




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What's that? It's a soul flare, said Gundam. It was used long ago as a weapon of great divine, but only to maintain peace within the different villages. But everything wasn't as easy as it seemed. It all goes back about 200 years ago.


Times were rough between the fire and the earth villages. You see they had been at war more than water and wind, but when fire attacked water and wind, it started a massive war between the villages. Then this one kid, Samuel, was wondering with his friend Isaiah, both water villagers, when they had stumbled upon an ancient cave, with sights of gold, hieroglyphics, and other kinds of communications from the past, and warnings of not to enter made them back out. When they returned to the village, Samuel had news upon the death of his father due to this huge war. Remembering the warnings from the cave, Samuel took Isaiah back to the cave because they knew the ultimate power had lie there. Risking their lives through booby traps, snakes, flying swords, and even having to fight the undead king, they had one last chance to seal this war with this legendary weapon. Obtaining the soulflare, they had made it out of the cave. But, rumors spread quick, the earth and fire village both swarmed around Samuel and Isaiah, capturing them and stealing the soulflare. In the back of the kids' mind they had to escape no matter the cost. One night, after hours of torture and beatings, a ghostly spirit had met with the kids to help free them, it was Samuel's dad and he explained they had the power to put an end to the war. And how they must not cave in. Using wisdom and knowledge Samuel broke free of the chains, freed Isaiah and left this dark room. They had snuck past the fire and earth warriors to steal back the soulflare, realizing it's great power. To avenge his fathers death he used the soulflare without hesitation putting an end to the war. During a meeting between villages he uttered for everyone to stop or chaos will continue. Nobody dared challenge the soulflare so they agreed. Samuel put the pieces of the soulflare apart so it was dismantled.


Is that how it happened gundam?, said Wing. Indeed so Wing and it was dug out years ago and put here for safe keeping. Now come on we better go see another part of the museum, something blue awaits us.

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