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Staff Update May 2017

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Oh I almost feel ashamed to post this !

Such a long time we haven't had a staff update.

This due so many different priorities on the server, including all these amazing updates.

We've had some amazing days, some sweaty days, some sad days but overall... DS days.


I'll start out !


Firstly Our biggest promotion was @vl0ne promoted to ouQeCCH.gifGambling Manager.
Yeah! Started as trusted dicer, applied for helper and boom promoted to ouQeCCH.gifGambling Manager.
Its an honor that your with us @vl0ne, and all the hardwork, dedication you have been showing to us! We are so proud to have you as our GM.

@Miragegot promoted to UUiFnP8.gifIngame-administration after been Ingame mod since a while, well that's a well deserved one! The time you put on yell and help cc, has to been appreciated.
@Bench Press got promoted to T2gZbYt.gifForums Administrator, he'll be helping the Forums to a better place !
Bench has been Media Manager & Staff manager for a long time, however IRL occupations took away the time he needed to remain on those positions.
There for he made the decision to become THE T2gZbYt.gifForum Administrator.
Thank you Bench !

Our beloved member @Iron Barrage, has been promoted to jliW8zW.gifIngame Mod, he have shown true dedication and hardwork towards DS community
Which made him achieve the Ingame mod.
@Feeds has been promoted to SriVdUY.gifhelper, well your work which has been done on the yell and help cc, proved everything, even though you lost your rank, you shown true dedication to keep on helping the ds community and regaining the helper stats within 4 days.
@Skilla made to staff team, by gaining SriVdUY.gifhelper stats, which is quite a deserving one at the time, you truly have been doing wondering things around the Ds.
Last but definitely not least! Our wiki editor @Imagine God, has made to the team! Well hard work pays off! We are glad to accommodate you to the staff team.
And we also gained 3 77HvcZx.pngTrusted hosts within our community
Their names are:-
We're glad to have you on the community, keep dicing safe
And finally we have given that sexy red tag to @Phoenix
Yes! He had been supporting the server with his 4Xyw6qK.pngYouTube  videos, which helped us on the media side, so that's what indeed made him deserver the 4Xyw6qK.pngYouTube rank!
There were a lot more promotions / resigns & demotions.
However we'll keep in on who is in the team now and is promoted !

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A huge congratulations towards everyone on the list! They've all worked so hard to get to that position.

Everyone can say whatever they want, but when you just work hard and have patience, good things will come.


I really hope to see more promotions very soon :)

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