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Discord Rules

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These are the new official rules of the Discord rules.

1. Must use “Push-to-Talk”.
2. Stay in the proper channel. Do not clutter a channel because you want to chat with someone.
3. No music without a staff member’s permission.
4. No sounds of annoyance on the mic.
5. Be kind to others and treat everyone as if they are your friend. Otherwise, mute/ignore them.
6. No excessive use of profane or offensive language.
7. Do not flame or argue with the other members of the Discord.
8. No excessive spam with the use of messaging.
9. If you are asked by a staff member to leave a channel for personal meeting purposes, you must comply.
10. Do not impersonate by giving yourself a false rank ( example : MOD zeven )
11. You must use your in-game name as your nickname. If you are not in-game, use your forums name or otherwise identify who you are.
12. You may not use tasteless or vulgar images on your avatar picture.


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