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Dear Community,


Back in the days i've hosted loads of Costume contests on the Dreamscape Forums.

They've always been loved by the players, because with one simple picture they're able to make some big money!


@Mirage also hosted a really great one a couple days ago. 

I want to make the Forums as active as possible, therefore we're going to stimulate the events on the forums!


What do you have to do?

It's simple:
- We'll use one simple theme and try to dress yourself towards that theme.

 Theme is: Warrior

- Add a name to your outfit, be creative with this one.

- Write down your in-game name.


It doesn't matter if you're rich or not. I won't be looking at that at all.

It all depends on how creative you are with your outfit/name & area that you are in.




In-game name: Bench Press
Name of the outfit: The Ultimate Beast




What are the prizes?


#1 Prize

250T of pure Dreamscape bill tickets!




#2 Prize

An Upgraded Space Jam Sword!


#3 Prize

An American Torva Set!



I want to wish everyone GOODLUCK!
I will choose the winners on the 20th of May!!

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I hope to see the creative pool of this server, Gl to everyone!


Ingame Name: Hc Kagemaru


Costume Name: Crusaders' Begotten Archangel





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                                                                                   ign: thatfriend


                                                                                the shadow king killer



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