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How To Fix The 'Account still logged on' message

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I have recently seen multiple people make forum threads asking for their accounts to be kicked, or complaining that they have encountered this message. It isn't necessary to create a thread, there is a much easier fix to the issue.




If you ever get this pesky message, there is a few things that you can do to fix it.


Solution 1 (Easiest):


Join our Teamspeak server, using the IP address ''. Once connected, look for a staff member. They can be identified by their ranks to the right of their name. If you see a user with a crown type rank, then they are a staff member. Message them, and explain the issue. They will then kick your account from the server, and you will be able to log back in.


Solution 2: 


Step 1:


Create a new Dreamscape account. Don't worry too much about what the username and password is, as it is simply a way to be able to contact the staff members. It is best though to have an alternate account though, that has your username in it. For example, 'Brezel2'.




Step 2:


When logged on, if it's a new account, you'll have to create a pin as well as go through the tutorial process. Don't worry, it doesn't take long, so you'll be back on your account in no time. Select your account mode, and you'll be teleported to the home area.


Step 3:


Go to the staff list tab, and you will be given the list of staff members online, as well as the help button. From here, you can simply PM a staff member in-game or request help using the button highlighted below.




Explain what the issue is, and they will kick your account so you can log back onto it.

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