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Halloween Youtube Giveaway

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Greetings Dreamscape Prisoners,

I'm sure that y'all are scared for what Dreamscape has in mind for Halloween this year.

It's going to be spooky and scary! BE PREPARED!


Will you make it out alive? Won't there be a zombie which will bite you in the toe...

Or maybe a bat will poop on your head..


But Dreamscape also offers a huge amount of cool events & giveaways during the holidays.

That's why i've also created this giveaway.


Do you want to participate? It'll cost you your soul!

No no no.. it won't, you'll see what it'll cost you.


Without any further-a-doo.

A happy halloween already from me,


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Thanks for the amazing giveaway! :) 

Do hope I win that mask sure does look sexy (Although for some reason I want the zombie set haha)

Goodluck everybody! hope you all have a great halloween

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