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Forum Event

[member="Seany"] & [member="Activate"]


We have decided to host a forum event to bring life to the Forums and give to the community!


This event will be a Random Number Generator (RNG) event.




How does it work?


It's very simple we roll the Random Number Generator 1-100 and pick the people who are the closest.


Are there any rules?


Yes there are a few rules but they are very simple and easy to follow.


How do i enter?


Simply post a number and your In-Game Name (IGN)


How many prizes are there?


There are two prizes for every winner.


How many winners can there be?


There will be three winners chosen.


How can i be sure my my number was not picked?


I will be posting a thread with picked numbers every 5-10 replies.




1. You can only enter once.

2. Do not pick a number that is already chosen.

3. If you enter twice with different accounts your post will be hidden.




First place


Scoped Rifle (u)




50T Cash




Second Place


Shadow Whip




25T Cash




Third Place


Lava Santa Hat




10T Cash






We hope to see many entries and best of luck to the contestants!


Best regards,


[member="Seany"] & [member="Activate"]

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Great work on the event, guys!
I wish the both of you alot of fun with hosting this event, and I wish all participants the best of luck!

For the heck of it, I'll pick number 57.
Ign: Searwen

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