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DreamUpdate [Patch #30 - 27/8/2016]

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How'dya everyone and welcome to the #30 Update thread.
Today we're bringing you guys what you love the most, you guessed it right ~ Dicing.

We've recently hired new developers who are mastering their roles as you might know
And the development squad is bigger and better now.




Generally today's update will be based on the Dicing;

Even though you might think that it does not take much to complete
it was a big project which required a lot of resources from our developers.
We believe on quality over quantity so we had no rush with the system
to ensure that the previously occurred bugs wont happen again,
and that you enjoy the most you can with an impressive well-done system.

This wasn't any easy process at all and many bugs were occurred and obviously patched;
With that being said, the quality of the system is noway to be compared with the previous one -

  • Interact-able & User-friendly interface
  • Familiar adjustable Dicing game mechanics (3 Rolls to win, etc)
  • Outstanding code to ensure a bug free and fully functional gameplay




Another thing our developers have been focusing on is Bug fixes.
As you guys know the more we expend ourselves and the more content we provide, bugs might occur.
We have no tolerance for them and thus we have no rest until we terminate all the bugs and make sure they have no place in our server.
Many bugs that has been patched within this update aren't listed, but here are some of them:

  • Instance system has been adjusted to refund you when server update is taking place
    That means that if you're in middle of an Instance and server is being updated,
    you'll be kicked out of your Instance but you will get refunded the full price you paid for it.
  • Random crashes/disconnections has been patched
  • Client performance is under development, but a little bit of improvement might be noticeable on these early stages.


Yet again, this update is mainly based on the beloved Dicing system,
which is now finally available for everyone!
So grab your pot and enjoy your gambling! (Tip: Risk what you can afford losing)



We would like to specially thank you guys for being patience with us.

It's been a struggle but we managed to get this done and provide you guys with the only best!

Thanks for everyone who took place with helping, for you, the players who always motivate us

to bring the server further and bigger, you are defiantly playing a huge part of the progress.


This as you might know is the #30 Update (as of the time we started to count),

And of course, the counting isn't stopping here but just becoming faster!




Best Regards.

DreamScape Development Team

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Amazing updates guys.

I appreciate all the hard work and time you guys put into updates/patches.

There always such amazing updates.

Keep up the good work guys.

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Amazing stuff, and tyrant, i've got to say it, that layout is super sexy man!

That's a thing which i always love about your update threads, you take time to make it.


I can't wait to test it out, and create some videos about it!

Ofcourse credits towards the whole development team, but they know that ;)

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