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DreamUpdate [Patch #29 - 15/8/2016]

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Hello Dreamers!
Welcome to this week's updates!
We have added a lot of new amazing content which we believe you guys will love!


Penguin & Steroid Penguin drops has been revamped!

The rewards have become worthwhile, and are a great addition for the newer players of our beloved community!


Also Penguin Bones has been added as a guaranteed drop for both of these monsters.


Scope Rifle (U)

We have fixed the upgraded assault rifle so that it will be used a ranged weapon instead of a melee based weapon.


Upgraded Chest

Fixed an issue with upgrade items (could use it twice)


We now have added something truly amazing to the chest which player will love...

Thunderstones have been added and will be obtained by using a Pikachu Pokeball on the chest and having a chance to obtain it! If you acquired one you can use it on a Pikachu Pokeball to turn it into a Raichu!
tchBoCb.png UqbrLRw.png 2JZlrRD.png TYSNfRW.png nhC41zG.png

Clan Chat

Clan Chat filters have been fixed and are fully functioning (so if you select 'Clan' filter on the tabs under chatbox it will only show clan messages)



Buying items from shops has had a fix, and is now fully working, so if you press 'Buy 200'  of an unnoted item, it will only purchase 28.


Dropping Items

When proceeding to drop an item, you’ll be met with an options to wether you’ll like to confirm the drop or not.


Clue Scrolls

The colors with the scroll has changed to make it easier to read the clue.



The command ::rules will now redirect you to the Rules Thread on the Forums.



Ownercapes and familiars are no longer allowed at ::magegray




We have fixed the EZrD3KI.png 1# Donator rank in game to have the ability to use mithril seeds.


We have had you guys wait for a while now, but the time has finally arrived… We have now added on a pNtR6t5.gif Sponsor Point Shop located at ::ownerscape!

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Amazing update once again Development team!

Can't wait to get in-game and try this awesome update out for myself!
Keep up the amazing work and dedication

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Nice update...but should make the steroid penguin litta bit harder xP the 24k torva drops...make 24k parts prices drop :( other then 24k kite

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Fantastic update dev team, I am so stoked that the sponsor shop has finally bee released! Keep up the great work everyone, without you guys Dreamscape wouldn't be where it is today.

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Awesome update!

Really loving that upgradable Pikachu Pokeball!

And even more so the Sponsor Shop :D

Will points accumulated prior to the shop's implement still be there? Or is everyone starting over? 

I believe I would've been close to 100k points if they didn't get reset. So I'm hoping not :P

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