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Herblore Guide

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Hello everyone,

With the lack of written Skillguides, I decided to start a whole series of written Skillguides.
So you can expect more in the future  ;)


To start the Herblore Skill, you will need to have started the Farming Skill.
For a complete Farming Guide, please check out 
http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/topic/12978-farming-guide/ .

You can also buy Herbs from the Herb Dealer at the Farming Teleport, to get there, 
Open up your
Magic Tab and select the 'Skilling Teleports', 
Go to the Second page, 
and Select 'Farming & Herblore'.

Once there, talk to the
Herb Dealer, located a few steps to the east of the Teleporting Location.
He sells the following
Irit Leaf
 - Avantoe
       - Snapdragon
      - Lantadyme
          - Dwarf Weed
 - Torstol

aswell as an Overload Guide and an Extreme Guide, please do keep in mind those two guides are not necesarry to create Extreme Potions or Overloads.

This means you will have to get the following
Herbs through the Farming Skill:
 - Tarrorim
- Marrentil
 - Harralander
- Ranarr
- Toadflax
- Avantoe
- Kwuarm
- Cadantine

When farming herbs, you will get 'grimy' herbs,
click the herb to clean it.

Below is a list of all
Herbs ingame, along with the Level necesarry to clean them, and the experience given by cleaning them. 



Now that we have the
Herbs needed to craft potions, we will want to stock up on Secondary Ingredients.
Secondary Ingredients can be purchased from 'Kaqemeex' at the 'Farming & Herblore' teleport.

This is what he sells, all items are needed to craft potions, except for the '
Leaf Bladed Spear'.

Now that we've stocked up on
ingredients, it's time to start making potions!

Fill your inventory with
Vials of Water and Clean Herbs.
Use the
Clean Herb on a Vial of Water to create an Unfinished Potion,
use a
Secondary Ingredient on the Unfinished Potion, to create a Potion.

Congratulations, you have made your very first Potion!

Below is a List of all
Potions that you're able to make, aswell as what Level you need to make them, which Secondary Ingredient you need, and ofcourse the Experience Given for making the Potion.


You currently cannot make Magic Potions, these will have to be bought from 
Sarah's General Store, at the shops region at Home.

To create
Overloads, have all 5 different Extreme Potions (3) in your inventory, along with a Torstol Herb,
and use the
Torstol on any of the Extreme Potions
Congratulations, you've made an


Ofcourse, like with all 
Skills, we wish (or rather, some of us) to achieve the Maximum Levels.
Achieving fL9Fm8B.png
Herblore will grant you two Skillcapes and a Skill Hood.


Achieving YyJs7CR.pngHerblore will grant you another skillcape, the Level 120 Skillcape!


I wish everyone goodluck training Herblore ♥ 

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Amazing guide [member=Searwen]! Can tell you put a lot of work into it. 

Will be helpful for when I decide to max out my hardcore account in the future.

Look forward to seeing the rest of the guides you plan on making  ^_^

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Damn .. this guide help out alot!!! Ty [Member=searwen] for making it !!! I'm sure everyone will use it well :) Hope there's more guide in the future.

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Dam this is a clean guide. Really like how people actually put the pictures instead of links. I am going to find this extremely helpful while maxing my hardcore account.

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