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DS Development Team

New DreamScape317 Update! #Deal Board, Upgrade Chest​, Dream Mystery Box

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Deal Board

  • ​​The deal board is a new concept introduced in DreamScape.
  • This board will hold all the available donation deals. Certain staff member will be able to edit existing or add new deals. The interface is currently meant for purely visual purposes, so the only thing it does at the moment is display the deals you can currently get.
Upgrade Chest​
  • The AR is now also upgradeable, the upgraded version will have a scope attached to it.
Dream Mystery Box
  • ​This is it! A new Mystery Box is finally here, the better version of the Super Mystery Box
  • has been introduced ingame... what special new items it will contains? what will be the new rates? it is up to you to figure out!
  • The boxes are being sold in the store for $9.99 each
Messages Recolor
  • Some broadcast messages colors have been changed because they been too bright in the chat and make it hard to read.
Lottery Revamp
  • ​Lottery will draw every 1 Hour instead of 2 Hours
  • Maximum entry prize has been extended to 5T
  • Make sure you check the lottery more often because prizes are going to be HUGE!
Bug Fixes List
  • Few item stats has been adjusted (Custom donations, etc...)
  • 'Noclip' bug has been fixed.
  • Loyalty shop bug when you try buying any pet/gear/rare it will say 'please allow atleast 2 free slots in your inventory to purchase this' even if you have an empty inventory
  • Castle war noclip glitch that allowed you entering with OP items
  • Summoning terrorbird has been corrected to the right NPC
  • Vote book name has been corrected (Naming in trade screen)
  • Respawn time of Sea Troll Queen has been adjusted
  • Removed uncommon announcement from Ironman Instance​
  • PVP Killcount bug has been fixed
  • Old Vote store NPC at home has been deleted
  • Issue where you glitched into 2 clans has been fixed
  • Requesting help bug has been fixed
  • Deleted the old Vote store from home
  • Issue where you get glitched in 2 Clans has been fixed
  • Requesting Help bug where other player don't get teleported to the staff zone 
  • has been fixed
  • Losing pet on death has been fixed

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